Thank you for always posting pictures of people different shapes and sizes. It makes me happy to see so many people appreciating the human body in its entirety and not just one version of it. Thank you for your blog- it's truly helped me connect with myself and love my body the way it is. What a beautiful community for all of us ninjas. Xx.

You are absolutely welcome, it’s a pleasure to share the beauty of the natural body with so many people, and it means a lot to hear it is appreciated. I’m very glad to help anyone connect with themselves and their body. Thank you very much for letting us know. 

95000 Ninjas

We’ve reached another milestone and I wanted to take some time to thank everyone who shares submissions and photos and content from NN. I know this blog could not be where it is today with out the help and support from so many amazing ninjas all over the world. We will continue to do our best to provide you with the kind of photos and advice you crave. 

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The Ninja Approved Video Shop

We had a bit of a trial and error first week at ClipVia and we’ve learnt that our coupon deal actually made you buying our videos better for the ClipVia than it was for us. So we’ve ditched the coupon idea and just lowered our prices on all our videos. You can see frames from the videos here, and read some reviews right here


Thanks to everyone who bought a Black Belt Bracelet through out the last 10 weeks, we have continued to donate $5 from every sale and we made enough to donate $110 to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. RAINN is listed a one of the 100 best charities in America and is responsible for a free and anonymous 24 hour toll free phone service for victims to gain local counseling and information. If you or someone you know needs help reach out to RAINN.

I’m very happy to help this great cause thanks again to everyone. 


Dear ninja, Last night I was spanked for the first time. It was one of the best sexual experiences I've ever had. Thank you for opening up my world. Love, X

Aww yes, we love helping people find new things to enjoy and spanking is such a thrill ride for both parties. You’re absolutely welcome and thanks for letting us know. 

Lioness Reviews Ninja Approved: Nosara Beach Cove

Lovely Trouble & Ninja –

It’s raining here in the South so in the quiet of my bed I decided to watch a little piece of paradise; your Nosara Beach Cove video made me instantly want to pack my skimpiest swimsuit and go find a bearded partner to run away with.

Referring to it as Amateur porn doesn’t seem to do it justice. When I think amateur porn I think crazy camera angles, shaky video, and sometimes ‘mute’ worthy noises. While watching you two in the beach cove I wasn’t sure if I wanted to slowly slide my fingernails over my suddenly attentive nipples or close my eyes and enjoy the zen sound of the ocean beautifully littered with the subtle moans of sex.

The opening picture immediately conjured up beauty to the likes of ‘Island of the Blue Dolphins’ and I couldn’t stop looking at Trouble’s beautiful body hair – when Ninja appeared in the frame I truly marveled at how gorgeous you both are. Not just sexy – which of course you are. You both looked absolutely organically real and beautiful in that moment, it made me want to watch more. And I did.

Trouble, your undulating hips are magnificent and spellbinding and Ninja, when you simply flicked your wrist, your finger stretched out, pointing to Trouble, motioning for her to flip over, I almost lost it. My heart raced with each of yours and oddly, I didn’t feel like a voyeur – instead I felt like a very enthusiastic participant in this really sexually gratifying moment.

It’s well worth the five dollars spent. Not only is it physically enjoyable, but emotionally touching as well. I’m thankful that you two care enough about each other – and your project here – that you’re willing to share such intimate moments with your followers. As silly as it sounds, watching that makes me feel like I took some of that sand home with me too, stuck stubbornly in sticky places.

With adoration and affection (and a pulse I can feel creeping down between my legs),



Hi Ninja and Trouble, i looooove your blog, there is much beauty here, if we cannot find beauty in embracing sexuality then there is no hope:))) i just wanted to say one thing, i found it slightly challenging to see to dudes together in pictures, being a totes straight guy but now i have got used to them and im very grateful, that slowly this blog has given me an ease around homosexuality that may have taken longer if i hadnt been logging on so often:) lots of love xxx

Oh man reading this means so much to me, thank you for sharing your message and how NN has helped change your perspective. I think it’s important that we normalize what normal really is, and this message proves that it is working. I think of all the things we have accomplished with ninjas, inspiring this message is one of my proudest. Again thank you so much for letting us know. You just brought a huge smile to my face. 


Last week, I submitted to you and it has been wonderful tbh. I've seen all the likes and reblogs. Some of my absolute favourite blogs have reblogged it and I'm just so proud of myself. I was taught that nudity and sexuality were wrong and should be something you did in the dark, but thanks to NN I've realised that there is nothing wrong with loving sex, loving your body and wanting to share that. Thank you so so so much.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it really warms my heart to know how NN has helped. But again you deserve the credit for taking a photo worthy of SS and to be featured by all your favourite blogs. Keep your confidence close and I hope you never lose it. 

90 thousand ninjas

The growth of NN over the past few weeks has been incredible, we seem to be on a very quick path and gaining nearly a thousand new followers every week. When we reach huge numbers like this I think it’s important to take the time to thank everyone who has been with us since the beginning, and the people who have joined us over the last few years or weeks. And of course a huge thank you to everyone who submits or shares photos on Submission Sunday.

Trouble and I have decided we will be intruducing some new standard rules for SS that will come into place shortly. As the blog grows so fast it has become impossible for one or two people to handle all of the submissions we receive so we will create a clear guideline as to which photos we will share and how many we will post each week.

To celebrate 90 thousand followers we will have a huge 24 hour sale, starting now until tomorrow at midnight anyone that orders an NN Black Belt Bracelet will receive a free Black Band and a free NN sticker pack with their package.

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Also I have a new interview coming out in a few days I’m very excited to share and when we get back to Toronto we’ll have some more exciting things to share as well as restocking the Ninja Approved Shop with shirts and knickers and maybe a few new products too.

Now the countdown begins to 100000 and I can’t wait to reach it. 


Hey Ninja and Trouble! I know you get a lot of these, but I just wanted to say thanks for what you do. It never ceases to amaze me how unceasingly kind you two are, both in your responses to random asks and in your reactions to submitted photos. I am so impressed - as we all know, the internet can be a dark and scary place, and it's easy to pop off a quick, snarky response without thinking. But you two are unfailingly, relentlessly kind. Thank you for creating this space, and for your kindness.

We really can’t get enough sweet and appreciative messages. Trouble and I put a lot of thought, time and effort into this blog and we hope it helps a lot of people so we are grateful for everyone who takes the time to send a thank you. On behalf of both of us and Owen too who has followed suit quite perfectly, you’re welcome.

85000 Ninjas

Every day we gain new ninjas, and the higher our follower count gets the more exciting these mile stones are. I still remember when we reached 16000 and I thought it was amazing because that is the population of my home town. And now as we creep towards 100k I’m blown away by how popular this little blog has grown.

I want to take the time to thank everyone who has been around for the past 4 years and everyone who has joined as at any point along the way. To all the brand new ninjas, welcome to NN I hope this blog is what you’ve been looking for.

Today is our last day of the Vacation Sale atr Ninja Approved Shop, which means today is the last day to order an NN Shirt of Ninja Knickers until March. Trouble and I leave Tuesday morning for Costa Rica and tomorrow will be my last stop to the post office, we only have a few items left in a few sizes to go quick to increase the chance of you getting what you want.

Also finally our Black Belt Bracelets are available again, and we will be giving away a free 10 pack of NN stickers with every bracelet bought today.

We’ve got a great Sunday lined up for you, I’ll be here in the morning and Trouble will be here in the evening and the incredible Owen Gray will be around sharing your posts too. He’s our special guest host of Submission Sunday and we could not be happier to have him involved.

Happy Sunday and thanks again to every one who has helped NN get to where it is today.


Anytime you reblog a personal photo of mine, I get really excited. Your blog was the reason I embraced my queer sexuality. I still feel beautiful and feminine even though I'm "a queer dyke." Thank you so much for making sexuality fluid rather than binary.

Messages like this mean more to me than I could ever explain, thank you very much for sharing. 


First of all I would like to say thank you so much for your blog and the positive views on women's body's, where I'm from being slim isn't necessarily a good I always got teased for being slim by family members and so called friends and I also wasn't very happy about my body and my skin cause also people around said they liked me as a person but they just didn't like my colour, so thanks to your blog I have gotten rid of those people and now very happy in my skin :)


when I was growing up my mother would tell my brother and I how damaging pornography was, how it gave people false ideas of what sex was and what was normal/how women should be treated during sex. She didn't want us to grow up expecting sex to be like porn. But your blog is so, so beautiful. You and Trouble embrace love in such a healthy, natural way and I can only wish that when I begin to form relationships they are like the ones I see on your blog. Thank you for teaching me.

Such a great review, thanks for sharing your story and letting us know your feelings on NN. You’re very welcome, we’re really happy to help. 


This blog makes me so happy! I feel like sex is portrayed as such a negative thing in society and something to be ashamed of. But you guys counteract that and that is so amazing!

I completely agree and am so glad that you shared your thoughts with us. Thanks very much. 

80000 Ninjas

I’ll be honest, about a week ago I noticed we were getting close to reaching 80000 and thought oh I bet we can get there for New Years, but then I thought but it would be amazing if we could reach it by Christmas. So it was kind of my only Christmas wish and thanks to all of you ninjas sharing and promoting NN over the past week we achieved that little wish yesterday.

To all the ninjas that have been supporting this blog for a while, I can’t say enough how much I appreciate it, running this blog has been an incredible experience and it’s all because of you. To all the new ninjas who have just discovered NN, welcome and I’m sure you’re going to love all the content we share. We’ve got one last Submission Sunday of the year, and I’ll be posting the best of Submissions of 2013 soon. We received so many stunning submissions it’s been nice going back and admiring them all over again. 

Here are some helpful links for any one new or anyone who would like to be reminded

Ninja Approved Shop, the one place where you can get all of your ninja merch. We have two sales going on that end tonight, the Christmas Combo sale where you can get Trouble’s Testimonials, an NN Tank Top and an NN Black Band bracelet all for one package price. Plus we have a buy 1 get 1 free sale on Black Band Bracelets. 

There is still time to share and vote for your favorite Submissions from 2013 it’ll take you a few hours to see them all but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. 

Our F.A.Q. is a great resource if you’re wondering about the blog or some concerns and would like to learn more. 

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