Hi! I just recently started following you, even though I've heard about you guys a lot. It is really an awesome blog, and there are soo many gorgeous submissions... I'd love to contribute, but I don't really know how it works. Do you always have a certain theme? Do I have to stick to the theme? And are you open for submissions anytime, or specific days?

We accept submissions throughout the week and on Sunday but only post them on Sunday. Themes happen biweekly and it isn’t mandatory to stick to the theme, they’re simply to provide inspiration. Though we always love seeing how people interpret the themes. Looking forward to what you have to share. 


This is my favorite blog by far! How do I submit a photo and how do I get a NN bracelet?

We take submissions throughout the week but only post on Sundays. You can submit through the submit page or by email at We do themed submissions by weekly and this upcoming Sunday will be double-exposure themed so you can choose to follow that if you need inspiration. Bracelets are for sale over at our NN shop and are your best accessory for spring. 


Do you guys always record yourselves and just post stills?

Exactly, the easiest strategy for taking great photos is choosing frames from video. Trouble and I often set up two cameras and have fun in front of them, then we have even more fun watching it together and picking our favourite parts. We use the same strategy with our iPhones as well. 


Did you remove your Ninja Approved and Trouble's Tape videos?

Anyone who has followed our attempts at selling videos through our online shop can attest to the fact that’s been a losing battle. We ran into some issues selling pornographic content through multiple credit card providers we’ve tried to use so we’re currently working on getting a new shopping cart for the store. We’ve faced some hiccups along the way and fixing them will be our first order of business once we get back. Sit tight and we promise it won’t be long before we’re providing you with great video content again and some incredible new things. In the meantime be sure to watch the teaser for Trouble’s Tape and the trailer for Ninja Approved: San Francisco.


Hello Ninja and Trouble. Sorry to bother you, but, i was wondered, what's Ninja Approuved ? Why selling bracelet, tshirt ... ? Does it have a special meaning ? I follow your tumblr since several month, and wondered what's the purpose of it ? Sorry for bad english. Btw i love your collaboration with Mr. Owen Gray :-). Thanks

Ninja Approved is our online shop where we provide the ninja community with merchandise that shows off the NN logo or photos, helping them show that they support a mentality of sex-positivity and the artistic and thoughtful creation of quality pornography and the culture surrounding it. We thought it would be a great and stealthy way for ninjas to find and identify each other in their towns, or when travelling too. 


How do you feel about reblogs that remove the descriptions? Is it acceptable? Sometimes I just prefer the image and credit, nothing else.

No that’s totally fine. The writing on submissions is mainly meant just for NN. I don’t mind at all someone removing the messages, in fact I encourage it.


I see you're giving a bit of advice? Mind helpin a future ninja? I can never see to find the right thing to say during sex. But I feel like I'm being too quiet. Any suggestions? Because while I feel like her voice is pure art to me, I'l like to join in the masterpiece.

Somethings are best kept simple, there is no need to find the “right thing” to say because when it comes to sexy talk, all you have to do is say what you’re thinking. If you notice how good any part of her looks, say it. If you want to go down on her, tell her that. Then you can describe little things while you’re doing it, say how much you like the way she tastes, how her bush feels against your face. How you want to put your tongue inside of her. If you want her to squeeze you tighter, take you deeper, use her spit on your dick, give the instruction. The more natural your sexy talk is, the more comfortable you’ll feel saying it, and that will come across to her. You can even start with a whisper in her ear, really any sort of honest comment or instruction comes off hot during sex. Don’t stress, and do it.


Can one do SS anonymously, but still with a write up? I'm not sure I'd be quite comfortable yet if any people I knew just happened to come across it -which is possible

Yes of course. If you’d like your submission to remain anonymous just specify and we’ll be sure to publish it that way. Be sure to read our submission agreement beforehand and click agree to get to the submit page. You can also submit by email to 


So I might be having my first threesome with two males (I'm a female), but I don't really know how to go about it or what to do, I suppose. Any advice would be useful!

You have the choice of two things really, or a combination of both. You should either decide to dominate, and be in complete control of the situation and do exactly what you want to these two males, and have your way with them as they fulfill your dirtiest desires you’ve ever dreamed of. Or allow yourself to submit to these two males, and let them have their way with you. Completely relax and trust your partners to share you and to treat you the way you crave and deserve. Ideally you’ll find a healthy balance of both and tell all your friends about your brave and incredible night. Have fun, be safe and good luck. 


Hi! What song was used in the San Francisco music video?

The song in the Ninja Approved San Francisco trailer is called ‘Flesh Out’ and you can find it right here


What is a nympho ninja

Someone who is sex positive and expressive but a little secretive and sneaky about it.


What is ninja approved? I'm sorry, I haven't been following long.

Ninja Approved started as sex video recommendations and reviews. After the positive response from that I started to pursue shooting a sex scene of my own. Which lead me to working with Owen Gray to create the first Ninja Approved porn scene, shot in San Francisco. After that Trouble and I began making videos of our own showcasing foreplay, spanking, intimacy and switching power roles. 


What is a dream submission?

Originally #dreamsubmission was just a tag I added to submission style photos that I wished were sent to my blog. But since the ninjas are so sweet to me, many lovely ladies have re-crated those photos. So now it acts as inspiration for anyone not sure of what to do for their submission. 


Hey Ninja and Trouble! Just wondering if the NN stickers are up for sale? I'd love to have one on my laptop cover! But I don't see it at the NN shop. Thanks!

Right now stickers are not for sale alone, but the cheapest way to get them is by ordering a black band bracelet. Everyone that orders any NN product gets free NN stickers. So choose what you like best and go for it.


Hey Ninja. My boyfriend has a huge fetish for anal. I've tried it with him a few times, but I was extremely uncomfortable and I really don't like it at all. It is something that is really important to him so he keeps asking me to try again, but I've told him multiple times I really don't enjoy it and would rather not. He tells me that its just going to take some getting used to and he would do something uncomfortable for me. I feel terrible... What should I do?

Call his bluff, tell him how important equality is to you and how you want to pay him back for all the times he’s fucked you in the ass. Say how you’d love to see him bent over taking it like the good boy that he is. If he’s not willing to let you have his ass, he should surely understand why you’re not willing to give up yours.