Hello! I've been following you for a while, I really enjoy your blog and I am anxious to find someone to share my interests with. I was wondering if you have any way for your followers to find each other (besides recognizing your merchandise because I haven't had any luck there). I wish there was just a map or something so we could see if there were any ninjas in our area!

A ninja map app would be pretty awesome, but I don’t think were there yet. The best way to let others know you’re interested is taking part in SS. In your write up you can mention what part of the world you’re in, and hopefully other ninjas close by will message you. I’d suggest you not be too specific in your write up and wait till you find someone you feel you can trust and connect with before you share more details about your location. Also a great way to meet people who share your interests is to pursue your interests, get involved with the things you enjoy and you’ll meet people who enjoy the same things. Good luck. 


I ordered an NN bracelet and I'm so excited to get it and wear it around, AND in case you didn't hear already the 3nder app is out -- it's like grinder or tinder for orchestrating threesomes and it's super rad !!

Oh wow, that’s sweet thanks for ordering your NN bracelet and letting us know about 3nder I get asked a lot about how to find a partner for a threesome so now I’ve got a go to answer. 


Today I got tested for HIV at pride and I was so relieved that I tested negative. 3 years ago when I was 16 I was raped by 3 or 4 guys, I can't recall because I was very drunk and out of it, and at one point unconscious. I was pretty sure that condoms were used, but I've always been anxious about it and so scared to tell anyone. I'm so glad I got tested today and now I just feel like I've dropped the weight on my chest, and it's so great.

It’s great that you finally took that step to get tested. I hope you can fully relax and feel safer knowing the outcome. Thanks for sharing your story with us I hope other ninjas who were unsure took the initiative and were tested this week also. I wish everyone the best. 


It's really lovely seeing all these pro-pride pictures and your icon changing to commemorate the day. Thank you for both for being really open loving people that push forward such a lovely and open community on this site :) <3

It would be a lot harder for us if we did not have such a huge and incredible community of people like you to help support sex and body positivity. Thank you for your kind words, it really is our pleasure.


I could barely look at myself naked a few months ago but your blog has made me really love my body. I've finally embraced the skin I'm in and can honestly say I think every inch of me is beautiful. Thank you so much for that gift.

That’s amazing, thank you for letting us know. I hope your confidence continues to grow and never leaves you.


Is it possible to be a nymphomaniac even if you've never had sex?

Sure, I think people can be obsessed with all sorts of things they’ve never fully experienced.


Can you reccomend positions for someone with a smaller penis size?

The face between her legs position.


Hey Ninja! I love your blog, it causes me to explore my sexuality even more. Ive even thought about nude photography, but im very self conscious. But the more i see of your blog the more beautiful I feel.

Day by day, step by step. No need to rush. Let your confidence grow naturally, and I look forward to seeing you on SS someday. And remember you can start taking photos just for yourself. You don’t need to share them till you really want to.


I'm a girl and a virgin, and I keep condoms in my room and have for months just in case things lead that way. I'm not scared to have sex or anything, I was more scared of not having protection. My sister got pregnant at 16 and I couldn't handle that

Smart thinking, it’s very comforting to be prepared. And it’s valuable to learn from other people. Thanks for sharing and hopefully more ninjas will follow your lead.


Who are those lovely models having sex in your recent post?

The models in the series from Ninja Approved; San Francisco I posted earlier are Owen Gray and Cadence Cross


What size knickers should I order for UK size 12?

Here is a link to the size chart for the ninja knickers.


I was so excited about the sale for ninja knickers, come to find shipping is an additional $7, even though we live in the same country. I'm super bummed because I really can't afford to spend $17 on a pair of underwear right now. I was wondering why you don't have a separate national shipping cost?

Thanks for letting me know, the price for shipping on the Ninja Knickers was the same for a t-shirt but since they are smaller and weigh less the shipping within Canada is a bit cheaper and I just adjusted it to reflect the proper amount. 


how do you feel about plastic surgery to fix insecuries?

I think plastic surgery can be invasive and risky. It also seems like a big game of chance whether you’ll feel better about yourself afterwards or whether you’ll keep finding more things you’d like to change once you start. I feel like it’s relative to any form of body modification though and in that it really works for some people and doesn’t for others. For some getting plastic surgery helps a lot to increase self esteem and self worth. Though it’s not something I’d want for myself, as I’d rather learn to accept myself for what I am and look totally natural. Though I don’t judge others for wanting it or getting it. My older sister actually has had multiple plastic surgery operations and seeing her transform her body over the course of her life has only made me feel more encouraged to accept mine for what it is. 


Do you have any plans to come down to the Rochester/buffalo area? What do you look for in models? :-)

No travel plans at all coming up, and all I ask for in models is someone comfortable and confident with a bit of experience preferred. Ideally I’d love to shoot friends together, or couples or groups of any gender. I think the photos of Cam and Owen showed that you don’t need to do any kind of sex to make beautiful and sexy images. But it sure is interesting to see how other couples interact, so I’m interested in doing all sorts of shoots. 


I have a question for Trouble! I recently learned that it is legal to be topless in Ontario. As a fellow Ontarian (is that even correct? I don't know!) I'm actually intrigued by the idea! Do you think you could ever go topless in public?

I think unfortunately our society is still a long way away from being comfortable with bare breasts. If I could go topless without being gawked or stared at or felt under the heavy gaze of the older men who already like to cat call me from their trucks on the street I’d do it in a minute. But I know that wouldn’t be my experience so I can’t see it happening anytime soon. If nipples are still having to be censored on instragram it’s clear the world isn’t ready to grow up yet, which is a shame.