Trouble Testimonial Eleven

We were spending time in my new room. It’s a room in his house that I moved into at the beginning of fall. We spent a summer together that was magic and we decided the time was right to move forward into sharing more space and time together under the same roof. We sat in my room laughing and talking about our days. Ours spirits were both high and I was feeling more and more infatuated with him with every look and every smile. We were playful, I felt free with him, and despite the seasons changing it still felt like magic.

Because Ninja’s been thinking of starting a new fitness regime involving yoga and mixed martial arts he coyly suggests that I should learn jiu jitsu with him. He then proceeds to climb ontop of me and hold me down, demonstrating a number of positions like full guard and side control that we could play with together. I giggle, partially because the way he moves above me tickles, but partially out of joy. We roll around fighting out of one another’s grip while laughing and every time I press against him I feel tingles down my back. I know by the look in his eye that this exercise would lead to something sexual and I can’t wait so I do my best. I can’t help but feel like I’m either surprisingly good or he’s letting me win because he knows feeling powerful will encourage me to dominate him. After each time I position myself on top of him I smile and ask what’s next. “I just thought of another one” he says to me flirtatiously. I can’t tell if he’s making all this up as he goes along. “You have to climb out from under my arms and try and get yourself onto my face.” He’s definitely making this one up, but I’m determined to win. He wants my pussy in his mouth and he’s going to get it. Though I’m amazed at how strong of a hold he has on me. I twist and turn my body to try and get through his arms and I struggle until he encourages me to use my arms. I pull myself free and manage to get my knees above his shoulders. I sit back onto his chest and pull my leggings down in front of his face revealing my pubic hair. “Stick out your tongue” I command as I pull my tights farther down and drop myself into his waiting mouth. He looks up at me pleased that his little exercise in strength ended up with us both winning.

When I sit up he asks me if I remember the morning and how he made himself cum all over my face. How could I forget? He tells me he’d love it if I did the same to him sometime. To rub my pussy the way I do when I’m alone and to make myself cum all over him. It’s something we both want, but after removing my tights and rubbing myself over his tongue for awhile I struggle. I confess that it’s hard for me to cum when I sit on his face and he asks me what is best and I get onto my back. He smiles and moves in between my legs. He spreads me open and tells me how pretty I look as he moves in and rubs his tongue against my clit in the exact same way I was doing so with my fingers. I am sensitive to his touch and growing wetter and wetter. I ask him to put a finger inside of me and as he does my body contracts and I can feel that I’m building up to cum. He pulls back, admiring me and the way I respond to him as he rubs my clit fast. I want nothing more in this moment than to feel myself squirting into his palm and he knows it.

“Put two fingers inside of yourself” he commands, “and reach as deep as you can.” And I do, and can only just reach to where I can feel myself built up, but know I can’t go deep enough to do what he does to me. I confess that I can’t do it myself and that his fingers are longer than mine. “That’s right, and that’s why you’re mine.” he responds as he puts two deep into me and presses up against my g spot. It feels amazing and I smile and look him in the eyes because I know we’ve gotten to a point with one another where it isn’t a question of whether or not it will happen. We know each other’s bodies so well that he knows just how to touch me and I know just how to let go for him. “You want it harder don’t you baby?”. He presses down with his other hand just above my pubic bone as his fingers inside go deeper. I nod and he starts pumping his fingers into me faster and faster and with greater strength. I think of that feeling you get when you’re driving in a car really fast and you go over a steep hill. The way you feel it low in your body and how it pulls your abdomen towards your spine. I try to emulate it in my mind and with my body. I relax my pussy and give myself over to him and feel those butterflies coming back and he tells me to push and I can feel it releasing as he shoots the wetness up and all over my stomach and rubs it into my breasts. As he does this he calls me a filthy girl for making such a mess and I feel euphoric and can’t help but think about how much I love jiu jitsu. 


Trouble Testimonial Ten

We drew a bath and I let him shave my pussy. He was gentle and sweet and made “mmm” sounds as he poured water over me revealing his good work at making me smooth. I was turned on beyond belief from having put so much trust in his hands and for being so vulnerable. Before him I spread my legs open and presented myself to him, my lips bare and slippery with the anticipation of cum. I wanted him to do all sorts of things to me. He wanted to. We exited the bath with haste and went straight to the sex cave. I climbed in and he brought along the ball gag I had bought earlier that day and my rope. He tied me up, hands behind my back and breathed in my ear a deep “your mouth is going to miss me” as he fucked my face with his smooth cock. There’s something about Ninja that makes me want to feel his cock in my mouth in the morning, in the middle of the day and at night. But I was distracted, I had noticed my ropes were loosening and in between deep thrusts down my throat I told him to tie me up tighter. But the Ninja doesn’t like to be told what to do when he’s the boss, so he quickly silenced me by shoving the ball gag in my mouth and tightening it around my neck and pushing me to the ground where he tied me up even tighter and more exposed. He fucked me so hard that the sounds I made, though muffled by the gag, felt completely out of my control. My entire body was out of control. I loved the level of restraint I was feeling and he was fucking me so deeply I could feel every inch. My body started contracting and tightening and my pussy spasmed with orgasm. I was in a special kind of heaven. In reaction he pulled out with incredible stealth and then paused before allowing a few droplets of cum to drip down onto my stomach and pool into my belly button. I opened my mouth wide in wanting for a taste of him but the gag filled me up entirely. He sucked up his own cum for me like a shot and let it drop down into my mouth, encircling the ball and dripping onto my tongue his incredible taste. Not finished with me yet, he re-entered me and continued to fuck me with the stamina of a wild horse and I cried out from beneath my gag in ecstasy and he moaned with me. I could feel as he approached orgasm. His eyelids had began to lower and his body began to tense and shake and he quickly pulled out and shot warm cum all over my chest and stomach.

Noticing my excitement by being made into a big mess, he smeared his cum around my writhing body and sucked up more to feed to me. I was dripping wet and still craving more of his touch and Ninja knew this and immediately began lifting my ass and pussy towards the roof of the sex cave and inserted two of his long fingers as deep as he could into me. He knew exactly where to go. I was built up like crazy and he could feel it. I was warm and wet and tightened around his fingers. “Mmm baby” he cooed. My body loves the attention he gives it. All I can taste is the sweetness of his cum around the ball gag in my mouth. All I can feel is tingling shooting out from my hips down to my toes and my shoulders shaking and my heart racing. He fingers me forcefully and with intention. I’m moaning and tightening my stomach and pushing out and against him. I relax my body and allow him to really push deeply into me and I can hear the wetness building up and I know it’s time to release. I give into him and he smiles and pumps his fingers against my g spot and I cry out as I feel it spraying, squirting all over my stomach and thighs. “Ohh baby..” he says with encouragement as he covers his hands with my squirt and rubs it across my tits and face. I can feel nothing else. I can think of nothing else. In this moment I am empty and free and my body is hyper relaxed from my release. He climbs up beside me and loosens my restraints and gag and lies down, arms around me, both of our bodies still shaking with pleasure and satisfaction. I look at him with hooded eyelids and smile, knowing I’ll be thinking and fantasizing about this moment for days afterwards.


Submission Sunday starts out with another real sex story from Trouble, I’ve already mentioned how incredibly intimate shaving her was. And I hope this story acts as further inspiration for couples to experience that together. It’s not just for the bonding during the shaving, but for the tension it builds and how badly we wanted and needed each other after. We like to share more of our wild times together, but it’s important to note that our sex life together is beautiful and personal whether we are doing something for the first time together or doing something for the 100th time. Our chemistry, connection and the amount we care is what makes us special. And I am sure after reading this you’ll understand exactly why. 

trouble testimonial nine

We went to the island on a blue moon to camp. After watching the sunset from the nude beach we made our way to our little secret spot to light a fire. We walked at night through vacant misty groves, collecting sticks along the way, joking about how we have to exile ourselves to the most remote and distant beach during nights like this to protect the city from our lunacy. We felt wild under it’s bright reflective light. At our camp it shone down creating a path in the water that moved in the waves. In a surrealistic daydream I felt as though I could walk along it and fall off the edge of the earth at the horizon. The sky was a light purpley-blue even in the darkest hour of the night and it grew colder by the water so we returned to our tent to put on some more clothes. Though the second we were inside clothes weren’t an option anymore, and before I could even find my sweater in my bag the Ninja forcefully grabbed ahold of me and threw me down on our bed. He had mentioned earlier that the moon would make him want to get wolfy and I could see the animal in his eyes. He pulled down my little black shorts and lifted my legs up and apart and immediately began tasting me. He made sexy gratifying sounds as his tongue moved across my pussy and he licked up every little bit of wetness I could give him. He sucked on my clit and teased me with his tongue. He took a finger and lightly put it inside of me and moved it around the edges of my pussy teasing me as I swelled and pushed against him. It’s often I find myself craving the Ninja’s tongue. There’s something so gratifying about being with someone who has learned to read your body and knows exactly what to do and at what point to make you crazy. In this moment he was reading me perfectly, for just as he pushed a finger deep inside of me he brought his face up beside mine and slowly spoke the words “I want to watch you take me in your mouth under the moonlight”. My body gushed at the idea and noticing this he grabbed a strong hold of my hair and began to pull me towards the door of the tent, unzipping it and setting the platform for a whole new playground.

I walked out on my hands and knees, the sand soft beneath my fingers. He stood tall and hard infront of me beckoning me to come over and have a taste. I ran my tongue around the tip of him, watching as the wetness shone in the light. He looked so good and felt so nice and heavy in my mouth. I sat upright, back straight and ass resting on my heels. Proper, I thought. I sat in a position that spoke “please feed me your cum, I’m waiting for it” as I wrapped my lips around the thick of him and moved my head in and out. I played with bringing my mouth to the very tip of his cock and then taking him deep into my throat. I brought my hand up and gripped him tightly as I sucked and let spit drip out of my mouth soaking him as he moaned and told me to keep going. I sped up, moving my hand back and forth in rhythm with my mouth. I could feel his body tightening and his knees beginning to buckle. He told me he was coming as I pulled his ass in towards me and began to feel my mouth fill up with all the cum he’d been saving for me. I couldn’t believe the mouthful he was giving me. With every pulse I felt more shooting in and dripping down my throat. I swallowed him down with a smile and held his legs against my chest as he collapsed against me, his knees weak and his body shaking madly. In this moment, satisfied with my work, I looked out across the water and took a moment to admire the moon once last time. Sometimes it’s hard to pay tribute to its lunar effect, as it’s not uncommon for us to act like this as well in the middle of the day. But in this moment I felt a need to thank the moon for it’s powers and for lighting up our camp and provoking us to act like wild creatures in the night. I sat upright on my heels and stared at it’s face and felt a certain weightlessness. I smiled up at it with the Ninja’s body trembling against me, the taste of him lingering in my mouth and spit slowly dripping down my chin.

Trouble Testimonial Eight

Dear Ninjas,

I will be the first to admit that some days with the Ninja we don’t get out of bed until late into the afternoon. It’s hard to face the world when there are so many good things we can do between the sheets. Some of my favourite mornings with Ninja have involved hours of cuddling, blurred between short periods of dreaming, followed by sleepy turned aggressive morning sex. I was fortunate the other day to have him fold me over his knees and unleash a series of hard slaps onto my ass just minutes after waking. I had been telling him I was due for a good spanking, and he knew exactly how to get me up. I admired him in the shower afterwards. I don’t know what it is about him but the Ninja is especially beautiful in the shower. Looking at him in the soft light of his bathroom made me want to fulfil his needs, just as he had done mine. His wish for the day was to get dirty again after getting clean and I let him wash my body with soap, knowing I wouldn’t stay clean for very long.

We dried and began dressing, it was nearly 2 pm. I put on a pair of little boy short underpants that made him smile flirtatiously at me. He was wearing a pair not dissimilar. I knew in this moment that I couldn’t let him get any more dressed so I commanded him to lie on the bed, “just for a minute,” I said. “Only for a minute”. He lied down. He’d been playfully asking me all weekend when I was going to sit on his face and he had been so nice to me I knew I couldn’t let us go about starting our days without giving him something back. I knew we didn’t have much time, the day was creeping by, so I intended to keep our time post-shower short and sweet. I climbed up to his face, pinned his arms above his head with my knees, pulled my underwear to the side and lowered my pussy down into his waiting mouth. We stared with intensity into one another’s eyes as I allowed the weight of my body to press down on him, filling up his mouth and blocking his airways. I let him taste me, his tongue moving eagerly up and down, playing with my clit. With every lift of my body he’d take in a deep breath and immediately plea for more. I lowered myself, letting him taste me again just for a second. Looking back I could see that his cock was growing harder and harder. “Please, again” he coos. I deny him, we don’t have much time. But given his needs are right in front of his face, the Ninja decides that time is irrelevant to him now and he tempts me to forget about the clock by asking me where I want to feel his tongue. I give in, “I want it deep inside me, tasting my cum”. I am weak in my wanting of him. “Well you’re going to have to find a way to get it out of my mouth”. A challenge. I am strong in my wanting of him.

My eyes widen and I feel myself becoming more and more animal. I hold him down and tie his hands together with my black cloth triangle bra, which is falling apart at the seams. He could rip it in half if he wanted, and I know this. I tie it tightly and breathe in his ear “You’re going to do what I say now. You’re not going to break out of this, you’re going to be good”. A smile stretches across his face. I pin him down, his hands tied and above head, his legs spread open and held down by the weight of my thighs. I roll my body across his like a snake but am purring like a kitten. I put my teeth around his nipples and bite down hard one by one before moving up to his neck. He had let me shave it in the shower for him in an exercise of trust. It was such a lovely moment and looking at his smooth skin now just makes me want to sink my teeth into him. A thank you, an appreciation. I don’t though, I can see in his face he doesn’t want the marks.

Instead I grab a hold of him by the hair and pull his head back. “Guess what you’re going to do for me?” I know what I want from him is something he wants too, so I’m confident I can get him to obey. “You’re going to give me that tongue of yours.” One hand gripping his cock, the other pulling back his head back, exposing his soft throat. Teasing me he shakes his head no, mouth closed defiantly. “Stick out your fucking tongue” I command and then slap him hard across the face. He growls and his whole body thrusts forward at me. I maintain my strength and keep him held down beneath me. A creature of balance, I try to sway him with kindness and rub my face tenderly against his and then run my lips across his earlobe. Softly now, nicely. “Please, just a little bit. Let me see that tongue of yours.” I try bargaining, “Show me your tongue and I’ll do something nice to it.” He opens his mouth and I tell him he’s a good boy. I coax his tongue out with mine like a snake charmer and take the whole thing in my mouth and suck hard, emulating his cock as his body shivers. Looking intently into his eyes I instruct “Now the next time your tongue is out like that it’s going to be inside of me” and pull my underwear to the side again and give him my wet pussy to taste. His long tongue sticks deep into me and I push against it, filling his mouth with juices and making a wet mess of his face. It’s hard after showering to stay clean with the Ninja.

Being aware of his strength and eagerness to reward me with a certain degree of payback for reversing our roles I sat back and admired the Ninja in his position of restraint. His beard was shining with wetness, his heavy blue eyes full of desire, his purpling hands still bound. Being a natural sub, I felt envious of his vulnerability. I wanted my hands tied, tingling from lack of circulation. I wanted his hands gripped forcefully in my hair, shoving his cock deep down my throat. I wanted to beg for him. I smiled knowing if he could free himself what would come my way. “I bet you can’t break through tha…” I wasn’t even finished before I heard a deep beastly growl and a ripping of seams and my bra was broken in half and I was pinned on my back, the Ninja above me with fire in his eyes and a strong hand around my neck.


This is a little section of the amazing Saturday we shared in bed, every time I get a new story from Trouble I get so excited to see what part of our sex life she chose to immortalize in one of her beautiful stories. This one was extra heart warming and brought a few tears to my eyes when I was reading it, something so honest and emotive in her description of our power dynamic and exchanges.

trouble testimonial seven

Dearest ninjas,

As we all know, life can be rocky sometimes. I’m sure we’ve all faced our share of ups and downs and emotional upheaval. Admittedly at times in my life I have struggled with coping, but recently during points of high stress I’ve been finding that I still can’t help but think about how I’m such a lucky girl. Faced with the hard reality that I will soon have to move the Ninja has been wonderful to me and has devoted many hours to helping me clean and organize my house to create the perfect space for us to have fun in for the remainder of the summer. Which has meant so much because I’m a true believer that half the fun of creating memories with someone is about creating them in a beautiful and inspiring environment. Of the curated spaces in my home, my favourite is one we’ve deemed the sex cave. The sex cave is in my walk in closet. It’s an elevated platform, that acts as a tiny stage, roughly the size of a single bed in length and height. In it is an infinity mirror, a seductive red lamp, plush pillows, and dark fabricked walls. Something happens to the exhibitionist in me when I’m in that space where I feel even more inspired to put on little shows. And the other night I gave him a good one.  

We spent the night at my house hanging out with a good mutual friend. We drank and discussed NN business, future film projects, and methods of disguise. All night I had been thinking about what I wanted to do to him, knowing there was nothing we could do until our friend was sleeping heavily. Our friend, who I have to mention was very aware of what was going on between us and promptly took to his bed. In a bought of creative fury I sorted through my lingerie drawer, looking for material to make masks with so that the Ninja and I could disguise our identities in potential short films. We had been fantasizing recently about filming ourselves being together, and were finally deciding to make it happen. Among the collection in my drawer I found a pair of fishnet stockings that were already ripped slightly in the crotch and a sheer black bodysuit. I knew it would drive him crazy. I put it on and covered my eyes with a piece of stocking I had cut into a mask that made me look as if I was blindfolded. Part ninja, part justice. I walked out of my room and stood before him. “Think this would do?” I asked him with a sexy grin on my face. His eyes widened. My hard nipples poking through the translucent material. Our friend was asleep. He was ready for me.

Before I knew it we were in the sex cave, red light illuminating our skin. He looked so sexy; blonde hair all wavy, his strong chest covered in hair, his cock hard solid already and pushing through his underwear. He wanted me, I wanted him. I made him get onto the platform and admired him for a minute before climbing up and standing straddled above him, showing him the rip that had started on my stockings between my legs, tempting him to tear them to shreds. “You’re like a little catwoman, you’re so sexy” he purred to me and unclipped the button on my bodysuit and then tore off my underwear through the hole in my stockings. I bent over and firmly bit the bottom of his lip. It’s often that the Ninja takes control of me, positions me, fucks me til I’m screaming. But in the sex cave, I’m the boss.

I climb down from him off the ledge of the cave and his hands follow. He looks at me, unsure of where I’m going. “Sit up” I command “You’re going to stay in your little box, and you’re going to watch me.” I pull out a small bag, in it two vibrators. “You’re not allowed to leave, don’t even think about it. Just watch.” Torture. I rub the first vibrator across my pussy. Legs spread, sitting across from the Ninja on a stool within my closet. I push it slowly inside of me. His eyes soften with wanting and his lips part. His cock swells. He runs his hands up and down it and hunches forward in pleasure, watching me as I move it in and out of myself. “You look so good in there, keep touching yourself, good boy.” In this moment I have him totally, and without resistance. I pull the second vibrator from my bag and turn it on and let it shake against my tongue. I narrow my eyes at him and smile, tongue out, hard plastic cock in my mouth. I imagine it’s real, that the Ninja is watching as I show off my skills on another man. Taking him deeply, making him moan. I imagine looking into his eyes from across the room as I pleasure someone else. Giving him a look that says “It’s you I really want, I can’t wait to be fucked by you.” meanwhile feeling the excitement of being an incredible turn on for someone else.

I put the shaking toy against my clit. I begin to tremble. There’s nothing better than the sensation of something being inside of me while something else rubs against my clit.  I’m so wet. I’m shaking. My legs, my arms. My toes are curling. The Ninja’s staring, grinning, knowing what’s about to happen. I love that he’s watching. I look at his firm cock and think about how in minutes I’ll have it inside me. How I’ll have him ontop of me, thrusting in with power and force, his full lips on mine, his tongue. I’m thrusting into the vibrator. I’m bending backwards, convulsing. And I feel it, the rush to my toes, the involuntary spasms within myself. My eyes roll back, I open my mouth and let out a sound. He smiles. My pussy tightens and contracts, wetness surrounds the vibrator and it shines with my cum. Release, satisfaction. I fix my gaze on him. His skin, still illuminated in red, looks more inviting than ever and I put down all my toys and make the climb back into the sex cave to be with him. A journey to a place that has never disappointed me.


something from nothing

Submission Sunday is both an incredible gift and a slight curse. The pressure of 50000 people waiting to see new naked photos is a weight I’m still getting used to carrying. It’s hard to focus when midnight nearly rolls around and I have Trouble beside me anxiously awaiting us to have time to create our body art submission for the week. This whole theme came from her simple suggestion, Trouble was one of the first friends I openly talked about NN with. And while we discussed our favorites and highlights of the Submissions the question arose if she could chose the theme of the week, what would she desire? I guess the first thing that came to her mind was ‘body art’ she said she wanted to paint her naked body.

Now a few months later I sit in Trouble’s house finishing up my Submission Sunday work and she is sitting on the corner arm rest of the couch and every inch of her is calling for my attention. Our relationship is simple and extremely complex, she’s become an important part of this blog and to simplify things we’ve decided she is my intern. Her duties include helping choose submissions to post. Organizing and preparing submissions for sharing, editing my sporadic writing, flipping and choosing records, rolling joints, providing snacks and being the best damn company a guy like me could ask for. As I count down the submissions left to post I say ‘only twelve more, roll us a joint and I’ll be done soon.’ She jumps up with excitement and prepares some relaxing assistance for when our work for the day is both over and we can focus on the two of us.

As the last submission gets posted she jumps from her perch on the couch and down onto a blanket and pillow nest beside the window ledge. I grab the joint she finished and join her on the ground. We start to discuss what we want to do for our submission, but while doing so we continue to get distracted by watching each other inhale and exhale smoke. Every few breaths we embrace and kiss, the longer this goes on she slowly works her way to a mount. Now as we smoke she grinds her self against me and feels that she’s responsible for my hardness. We continue to tease each other and share a few breaths and the kind of eye contact you feel in your toes. We communicate without talking, an act of instinct nothing short of primal.  As the joint disappears I gain impatient at missing out on one of my favorite things. It’s been too long since me and Trouble have been home alone together, and like any man I have needs. And tonight I needed her to swallow me while I smoke a joint in the living room.  She’s already stripped her shirt off and was just removing my shorts. I let her know she was running out of time by saying ‘This is almost done and you better have my cock in your mouth before it’s finished’. She’s a good girl and she listens and quickly takes my cock out and shoves it deep between her lips. She knows exactly what I want a moment before and after I want it. I sit back and watch as she works her mouth up and down. I admire how I disappear into her and how she’s made me wet and I shine while reflecting the table lamp. I grab at her hair and I pull her away from me and tell her to stand up. I tell her to get on her tip toes and one step at a time she lifts her heels off the floor. In two seamless motions I tear her shorts and panties off and have her step out of the way as I throw them to the side.  I slap her ass once then again then two more times. I slap my hand between her legs and against her clit then grab her hip strong and tell her to stay up on her toes. I’m still sitting on the ground and she stands in front of me. I say ‘why do you want?’ She lets out ‘fuck me’. I tell her to sit down on my dick and she reaches down and squats lining up our sex perfectly. I slide in deep and immediately she starts to lift and grind her hips against mine. I take a moment to let her work and just allow the power to be out of my hands. She’s making me moan and driving me wild till I need to use my strength on her again. I grab her hips and I push her deep down onto me. I rub my hand along her back and she flattens down against her knees. While I lift my hips up and against her I also push down and her entire body becomes completely connected with mine. Our bodies react and respond to their colliding and we both breath and gasp into each others ear.


Finally I push her up and off me and onto her hands and knees, I stand up above her and grab her body and carry it to the middle of the room. With a fist full of hair I crouch behind her body slide myself inside of her and we start to fuck with intent. I pull her hair as her body slides away from me and I let go as she drives herself in reverse. We work as a great team in a variety of roles and positions. As we fuck I reach over to the table and grab the last cherry from the bowl we were eating from earlier and demand she opens her mouth. Her jaw drops and I place the little fruit onto her tongue. She bites down and I pull the stem away. Now I grab her shoulders and slowly drag myself in and out of her while keeping control of her body. She moans and enjoys the sensation and the taste of her treat. I grab the pitt bowl and place it in front of her and tell her to spit it out. She obeys and spits the last of her cherry on to the floor in front of her, missing the bowl. The Dom in me erupts and I slap her across the face and tell her to clean up her mess and put the pitt where it belongs. She does as she’s told and as soon as she’s finished I noticed my belt laying on display on the floor waiting to be grabbed. I reach down and tug it out of the waist of my shorts and quickly whip it against her ass. She swears and flinches but never taker her hips away from being presented in front of me. I continue to whip her reddening asscheeks and then I push her with my foot encouraging her to crawl forward. On her hands and knees she moves along the floor I follow close behind pushing and whipping when necessary.


As we approach the carpet at the edge of her long living room my aggressiveness gets wilder and I give her one last strong push on her ass with my feet and as she falls and perfectly rolls to her back. I make my way into her guard sliding myself between her legs then quickly grab my dick and shove it inside of her fast. It’s important to check in when things get slightly overwhelming. With Trouble I make decisions that I don’t think twice about so I always make sure to communicate with her during the excitement. After whipping her ass and pushing her down to the floor I hold her hands softly above her head, kiss her on the nose, and slowly tilt and rotate my hips towards and away from her.  We make eye contact and smile at each other, she knows what I’m thinking and her warm stare lets me know I’m not even close to testing her limit. I grab her legs and lift them up and over her head so she’s doubled in half on the floor. I start to move in quicker, stronger movements - driving myself up and deep inside. I feel the grip in her hands tighten around my bicep and I don’t let off. Her eyes look up and she’s gently swearing and verbally agreeing with every move I make. I know what that means and I don’t risk her making a mess on anywhere else but the canvas I brought for us to paint on. I wrap my arms around her and as she reminded me to do earlier when I helped my friend move, I lift with my legs instead of my back. I carry her over to the other side of the room and place her standing on her feet. I quickly throw down the canvas and grab her body and place it down. I quickly spread out the canvas and grab her body and place her down back first on the floor. I take side control and place my hand between her legs and slide two fingers as deep as I can and push them upwards to the front wall of her body. I feel where she has swollen and where she needs to be released. With all the strength I have I move my whole arm and hand up and down, moving the length of my fingers from knuckle to knuckle to tip. She grabs me again tells me yes, and says not to stop. I’d have a hard time doing so even if she asked because I know what is about to happen.


Then like clockwork I feel it and see it, her thighs begin to shine and her squirt drips from my palm. I take my hand out and rapidly rub two fingers against her clit as more liquid shoots and spills out of her and onto the canvas below. She’s got that look on her eyes and I hold her and bring my lips to meet her forehead. I lift up her shoulder and we both admire the evidence left between her legs. We have not even opened the paints or touched a brush and we already stained the canvas. I tell her that now the first layer is the hardest one and the rest will be easy.  She smiles and grabs me and I fall into her arms, we stare up at the ceiling and let our exhaustion slightly absorb before we realize there’s no time to waste and we still have so much to do before our Submission Sunday is over.

Trouble Testimonial Six

One of the most beautiful things about the ninja is his ability to make quick decisions with almost no apprehension. There are often times when I’m with him where I step away from myself and think about where I am in my life and what sort of crazy adventure I have gotten myself into. In a moment of quick decision making, having decided rain or shine we would make the most of it, we took to the island on bicycles filled with food, drugs, water, whisky, a tent, and 35 ft of black bondage rope. It was going to be a good night. He led me from the ferry docks to a private area of beach where we found a small sandy clearing with enough room for our tent, a firepit, and enough space to do a cartwheel or two. It was perfect. After setting up, we decided to explore and waded through the perimeter of the island to watch the sunset from a neighboring beach. We climbed, waist deep in lake water, over large floating dead trees and along slanted rock walls like we were in some post-apocalyptic wonderland. It was a treacherous journey, but exhilarating and we returned to our camp with full hearts and a desire for warmth, now that the sun was down. We were all Blue Lagoon, with matted hair and sun stained skin. We kept a fire going for hours on sticks and branches we collected around our camp. I warmed my feet and my legs on the fire, wearing next to nothing, allowing the heat from the flames to dry my cold, damp skin. He sat beside me on our beach blanket and we watched our work hypnotically as he brushed the sand from inside my thighs and then moved his fingers between my legs. I rested my head back on our blanket and looked up at the night sky and I took in the sensation of the heat from the flames casting warm vibrations between my legs and his long fingers entering me, feeling how wet I had become. My whole body was electric. I listened to the distant crashing of the waves and got lost in everything I was feeling.

Noticing I was moaning in pleasure, he stopped and sat up and before I could even register this change he grabbed hold of my long hair and suddenly began to drag me across the sand to a large piece of driftwood nearby. It was smooth and dark and had anchored itself to the shore right where the waves met the sand and created a damp pedestal. He bent me over it, facing the water and black endless sky, brushed the sand from my ass and unloaded a hard slap against my skin. The loud sound echoed in my ears and was suddenly met with the waves crashing loudly upon the shore. Another hard slap, I yelled out in pain. Having been waist-deep in the water earlier on our mission to the sunset, my skin was cold and sensitive and baby soft from being polished by tiny granules of sand. Because of this, every blow was received with a heightened level of sensitivity than usual. I felt in this moment more challenged by the force of his domination than ever before. He slapped me again and the pain was white hot and spiderwebbed across my ass cheek. I cried out and whimpered, my body weakening afterwards, but a strong rush of endorphins followed and I readied myself for another. It’s in this moment I felt a strong connection to the water before me. The lake, it’s cruelty, the hard waves, the pull of the moons and the high tides. I put myself in it, thought about the violence of the water and of nature and felt empowered to push myself farther and allow him to inflict more pain on me than he ever has. Expecting to feel his hand again, I was pleased and relieved to feel him spread open my pussy and instead of a rough slap feel his hard cock enter me. He pushes in with a strong force and my eyes grow heavy with pleasure and I gaze out onto the seemingly endless black lake as he fucks me deep from behind. I can feel the heat radiate from my tender freshly spanked ass. He continues to drive his cock in and out of me as he slaps me again, and again, and I’m crying out in pleasure and pain and the sounds I make are absorbed into the crashing of the waves. Just as we’re both built up and ready to explode the water in the lake mimics the motions of our bodies and swells and becomes rocky. The waves rise and splash up against the driftwood I’m bent over, spraying cold water up against my breasts and face. Noticing the growing aggression of the water before us we recoil away from the driftwood and stand in disbelief of nature’s excitement and I laugh and he smiles and we jump around in the sand, my ass now coloured red and purple from his furious hands. The clouds now parting, revealing a bright round moon shining down over our camp.

During our island camping adventure last week Trouble and I created enough moments and memories we could have made an entire movie. I’m so glad that she found the time after our trip to write down one of those memorable moments and I am pleased to share it with all of you. The story is so beautiful it seems unreal but every little detail is true. Things between us lately have left me thinking “this is too good to be true” more often than I ever have before. We’ve got more summer adventures in store for us and we’ll both be sure to share some of the highlights with all of you. 

Trouble Testimonial Five

Dearest ninjas,

I don’t want to encourage the idea of hoarding, but sometimes the things we keep “just in case” can actually come in handy. Case in point, the other day  I was cleaning out a big box full of textiles I had been saving just incase the mood struck me to make something out of them. Faced with the reality that I hadn’t done this in awhile I decided it was time to purge and thank god I did. In my purging I struck gold in the form of a 6 foot spool of thick red lace, almost the width of my hand and long enough to wrap around various limbs on my body multiple times. I don’t know how I’ve had this in my possession for so long and didn’t put two and two together that it is the perfect instrument to be tied up and bound in. I guess I have the ninja to thank for that. I find he makes my mind a little bit dirtier. I see scenarios as potential for things a little bit sexier now. I can hardly take a photo of myself alone without removing all of my clothes these days. And every piece of fabric I own that’s slightly longer than a handkerchief I look at as a potential restraint. I knew as I held this new finding in my hand that the second it was in his I would be naked and hogtied in a matter of seconds. It was the perfect gift.

I went to his house late the other night with the lace in my backpack. We lied on his bed and recounted our days together. He spoke of his excitement to go to San Francisco, the things he wants to do there, how amazing it will be. I was so envious, having been two years prior I had fallen in love with that city and nostalgically gushed over it’s greatness to him. I told him of it’s hilly streets, it’s history of hippies and beatniks, and it’s ability to create change. There was something about the vibes in the pavement there that I was so excited for him to feel. After a while of talking I was feeling inspired, and decided to move the conversation in a more sexual direction. In a moment of silence I turned to him and closely whispered “I have a present for you…” and then got up and reached into my bag as he looks at me with a sexy and curious grin. I pull out the spool of lace and toss it towards him on the bed. He unravels it and then looks up at me wildly and springs from the bed and begins to undress me. In a flurry of movement he pulls down my skirt and lifts off my shirt, and pushes me onto my chest on the bed. In a quick display of domination and force he lifts up my ass by the middle of my thong and then rips it clean off my body. He was feeling inspired too.

“What do you want me to do with this?” he demands, holding the spool of lace in his strong left hand.

“I want you to wrap me up like your little present” I purr back to him.

“Oh yeah? And then what do you want me to do?”
I smile, my eyes flutter as visions of the terrible things I could imagine him doing to my body pass through my mind. I want to see where he’s willing to take me though and reply with a simple and open-ended,

And then I want you to do whatever you want to me.”

He growls and takes the spool of lace and begins to wrap it around my feet, binding them together. Then moves upwards, spiraling around each leg individually and then up and around my hips and across my stomach. He wraps the lace repeatedly around my midsection like a harness and then up and around each arm. He pushes my shoulder blades down and into the bed and positions my arms in front of me. Wrapping each hand together in front of my face as if in prayer. Then takes the long strip of remaining lace and wraps it up and around my neck tightly and pulls on it like a noose causing my eyes to widen and my body to stiffen in attention. Now I don’t necessarily believe in Heaven or Hell, but I was baptized Catholic as a baby and went to church enough times to know that if there is a Hell, I’ve definitely earned my ticket in by now. But believe in sacrilege as much or as little as you’d like dear ninjas, I will attest to this: I experienced heaven that night in the form of my body tightly bound in red lace, receiving blow after blow on my tender ass, and then being fucked until orgasm by our favourite ninja.

I had initially planned to end Submission Sunday with this story from Trouble, but then remembered that she is coming to me tonight and I can’t write about her when she’s around so I am posting this early. After reading her testimonial for the 3rd or 4th time it still gives me an enormous grin, and makes me so grateful to have Trouble be a part of this blog. She is practically beating me at my own game. Her honesty, strength and bravery inspire me and I hope it passes through to anyone else lucky enough to witness it.

Trouble Testimonial Four

I spent the weekend at his house, I thought of it as my ninja cottage. Being around him for 3 straight days we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. The weekend in his bed was a visual treat, as I saw him maneuver me into several positions in that mirror and got to witness the flexibility and strength of his body as he worked around pleasing me. He wanted to be good to me, he had said, and he was multiple times a day and in multiple ways and I wanted to do the same. It was a busy weekend for him, and I was empathetic to that. I provided him a comfortable space to retreat to for a moment of rest in the chaos of his days. He provided me with the allure of a fantastic “thank you” in the way of some major butt kissing, literally and figuratively.

As you’ve probably noticed in his photos, the Ninja has a mirror right up against his bed and a couple others in his room. Keeping that in mind, you can imagine how having sex with him always contains some degree of self-observation. You can imagine how sexy it can be to be bent over, ass high in the air, head forcefully being shoved into the bed. Well its even sexier to be looking up from beneath his strong hand at a reflection of him fucking while positioning me like that. His face serious with intent but the corner of his mouth curling upward in a seductive grin. And then our eyes meeting, and I narrow mine in pleasure and shoot him a look that speaks to how much I love being this way with him.

In remembering moments like that I feel as lost as he does, and despite my best efforts after so many memorable times of this caliber I feel recounting enough specifics would be impossible. I am lucky however to have captured a moment through photo thanks to the Ninja’s many mirrors in his room that acts as a reminder of the following:

After having a session of mind-blowing memory impairing sex we get up to dress and he hands me a pink NN tank top. I know this is exactly how he wants to see me wearing it, just after he’s given me a good fuck. I put it on and it barely reaches down over my ass. “Mmm, you look so good in that” he says, and faces me towards the mirror so I can see how its low cut highlights the sides of my small breasts and just barely covers my pussy. He commands me to stand on the bed, and helps me up and tells me to look into the mirror to the right on the wall as he hands me his phone and tells me to take a picture. I watch my round ass in profile as he brings his head up and presses his face up between my cheeks. He bites hard against my ass and I flinch and my knees weaken. He moves his tongue up between my legs and groans and licks up around my ass. I fumble with the camera, so lost in pleasure, unable to steady my hand long enough to use a simple iphone. I snap one, his hands are firmly grasping my ass cheeks and he’s pulling them apart to get inside of me. I snap another, his head is tilted back and he’s licking me deep. I look back at him and his eyes close and flutter as enjoys himself on me. I feel my body contract and get wetter on his eager tongue. He moans and tastes me. My hand falls to my side, still gripping the phone, unable to press any more buttons. I was never that good with technology anyways.


This is the photo that she took of me kissing her ass, I am sure there will be many more to come. When Trouble first sent this story I replied to her “Have I created a monster?” to which she replied ” I think you really have” with 4 testimonials under her belt Trouble is quickly becoming an integral contributor to this little blog of mine. And I am so happy to have her become a part of it.

Trouble Testimonial Three

Dearest Ninjas, 

Remember being a teenager and going over to a boy or girl’s house when their parents aren’t home and sitting on their bed while smoking pot out their window? And then deciding, because you saw it in a movie or something, that you should inhale and then blow the smoke into their mouth, getting extra high and driving both of your teenage hormones extra crazy? Sometimes being with Ninja reminds me of those simple days of going over to your high school crush’s house after school to make out. Only instead of school we work long hours at real jobs, and instead of being hormonally charged insecure teenagers we’re sexually charged confident (pseudo) adults. Now you can only imagine where this is going to go…

I had worked an especially long day and decided to take comfort in the idea of going to Ninja’s for some TLC. I was having trouble escaping my mind tonight and kept having wandering thoughts about things that troubled me. Ninja listened with patient eyes. We smoked and listened to Marvin Gaye, our knees casually touching each others, him playing with my fingers. The day had been long, and I was tired of talking about it, and somehow he sensed this perfectly because before I could finish my sentence he was knelt between my legs and pulling up my long skirt. I looked down and took another drag of the joint and watched him pull my black lace panties to the side and lowered his face towards my pussy. I let my head fall back, exhaled and blew smoke into the air as I felt his tongue moving in between my lips, tasting me. My entire body relaxed. I continued to smoke as he spread open my pussy and ran his tongue up and across my clit. Was I in some weird heaven where beautiful men please me while I do drugs? If I was dead and this was some intense sexual limbo I would be very content. I inhaled, Ninja lifted his head and stared into my eyes with his piercing blues and showed off to me just how hard he was by pulling up his shorts. I leaned forward and opened his mouth, covered in wetness from me, and exhaled into him as he sucked smoke from my lips. We weren’t teenagers anymore.

“Your turn” I said, and sat him up on the adjacent chair as I knelt down onto the wood floor. His cock was hard and pressing up through his shorts. Ninja was wearing his blue shorts, which are the ones he describes as “the ones you can see my cock in while I’m doing yoga.” His hairy thighs were open to me, and I ran my hands up to the high hemline and just inside the fabric, tracing the edge of him. I went to remove his shorts, but Ninja stopped me. “Keep them on”, and I reached inside and pulled him free out the right leg hole. He was hard and heavy in my hands. I ran my tongue up his shaft and encircled the tip of him with my tongue. He made an “mmm” sound, and I opened my mouth wide and took him inside me. He pulsed inside my mouth and it turned me on. I’ve always loved the feeling of a man getting harder in my mouth. I decided to reward him by taking his cock deep.  I pressed my tongue up against him as I took him as far deep into my throat as I could. He grabbed the back of my head and held me there and my throat contracted and he moaned “Oooh good girl, you take my cock so well”. I was soaking wet. He let me go and I took my mouth off of him, gasping for air, only to open my mouth right back up and take him all the way in again. I couldn’t get enough of him. I moved my mouth up and down his cock with a rhythm, letting him grab hold of my hair and push me far into him whenever he wanted to feel me choke. My mouth was dripping with spit. I was making a mess and he liked it. He pushed my head deeper and deeper and then took his other hand and plugged my nose. I gagged in suffocation, his cock stuffing my mouth full and my eyes watering. He held me there. I was always the kid growing up who would win the breath-holding competitions in my friend’s pools. That skill was still coming in handy. When it was too much I pressed hard on his thighs with my hands alerting him I needed oxygen. He released, my body fell away from him, and I coughed for air. Fluid ran down my chin as I looked up at him with watery eyes and a fiery gaze. I smiled, got up from the floor, and kissed him on the head. “Time to play” I said, and turned around and began walking to his room, undressing as he followed.


She really is something special, I had thought about writing a story inspired by this night together but there were so many highlights I could not decide which one to write about, and it would take too long to write about ever incredible moment. So imagine my surprise when I found this story waiting for me. It’s really been amazing every moment with Trouble and I am extremely happy that she has been taking the effort to document our time together and to share it with all of you. It’s such an interesting experience to get to read about your sex from the other sides perspective.  I’m able to learn so much more about us and our sexual chemistry and by getting to read her view and feelings means that our sex life will become even better. It’s crazy to think of because since the from the first time we kissed it’s been nothing but exciting, intense and memorable. We currently are having so much fantastic sex during our time together there is no shortage for either of us to write about. Thanks for reading ninjas.


Trouble Testimonial Two

He lives more southern than I do in the city. His house has a rooftop that’s easy to climb onto and is vast and private but still exposed. There’s a picturesque gap in the treeline when you look to the South that frames the CN tower. At night the CN tower glows psychedelic colours, in the day it’s an iconic figure for the city. I went to him on a sunny day, biking downhill to get to him. I dressed in a deep red summer dress with a heavy chain necklace and sandals. The air went up my skirt as I biked and it felt nice. Everything felt nice today.

He invited me up onto the roof, he had been inside all day working on Ninja things and was missing the sun. His skin is darkened by the summer but his hair is long and blonde and curls softly like a child’s. Just like at a beach we spread ourselves out on a blanket. He brought up water and raspberries and almonds. I brought up a joint that we lit up immediately. We undressed to our underpants and let the sun penetrate us, it was hot and comforting. There’s something about lying topless in the sun that really does it for me.

As we relax he reaches a hand over and starts to stroke the inside of my thigh. He opens my legs wider and runs his hand up and against the underwear that I’m already soaking through. I always know to bring a spare pair when I visit him. Sometimes I bring two pairs. He pulls the middle of my underwear to one side exposing me. My legs are open facing south and he’s showing me off to distant apartments, the fresh air on my pussy is intoxicating and I can feel the wind blowing softly against my clit. In this moment I imagine a man in a distant apartment looking out his window and seeing me, an anonymous pussy off in the distant on a roof being put on display by the hands of a man. I imagine him feeling embarrassed at first for being a voyeur, but not looking away. He’s standing on his balcony and he feels his cock growing against the rod iron fencing in front of him. He leans forward and presses his cock firmly against the fence, it pulses.

I’m brought back to reality suddenly by his voice whispering in my ear “Can you feel the wind?”… I’m shivering with pleasure. He wraps his arm around my waist and flips me over onto my stomach in one steady force. He’s good at that, taking hold of me suddenly and posing my body in the way that he wants it. He bends my elbows and holds my wrists firmly against my back, and then he pauses, I can tell he is looking around the roof for something to tie me up with. Suddenly my wrists are met with hot metal and I realize he’s using the chain I wore around my neck that’s been heating up in the sun to tie my hands together. It’s heat causes me to flinch and the sensation of being restricted causes me to raise my ass into the air with delight. He counters this with his legs, and quickly pins both of my ankles down with the weight of his feet. He’s like a spider, every limb is being used to please me. With his free hand he reaches around and starts to rub my clit, creating shockwaves through my body. In distant apartments I imagine the eyes of many men now, all rubbing their cocks ferociously while watching us. He puts a finger deep inside of me and I feel myself push back against him, getting wetter and wetter. “Good girl..” he whispers in my ear… “Open your eyes, look up at the sky” and I do, and I’m suddenly lost in a sea of blue.

Oh ninjas, I’ve got some exciting news. I decided today that I want to include a zine of one of my stories with the first 50 bracelets that sell during tomorrows pop up shop. 
I will post the link tonight at midnight and then take it down at the end of Submission Sunday. 

Oh ninjas, I’ve got some exciting news. I decided today that I want to include a zine of one of my stories with the first 50 bracelets that sell during tomorrows pop up shop. 

I will post the link tonight at midnight and then take it down at the end of Submission Sunday. 

A much needed reflection

The day started with her in my arms, head resting, using me as a pillow. When I’m with her all I try to do is appreciate being together. This was the day I’d been dreading since she told me about it. The cycle of our dating life is as follows. She comes to me, I leave who I’m with, then she leaves me, I find someone to be with, then she comes back and it goes on like this. We only ever separate for a season, and it’s always been the cold one. She was going on a trip to visit the guy who she had always left me for, and that morning I’ll admit all I wanted to do was hold onto her so she missed her flight and we could stay together. I knew she was going to be rushed, but I had to have her. I went down on her and cherished every second of it, every moan, every taste, every detail. After she came she told me to fuck her which I gladly did, I turned her around and whispered in her ear about how good she felt, how sexy she is and how I’ll miss her. She kept encouraging me to be rougher, so I pushed her back into the bed and pulled her head up by her hair as I fucked her full force. We came together and she screamed her orgasm with a sound she’d never made before. I was gasping for breath and had a layer of sweat all over my body, she was smiling that glowing smile. She looked at me and told me how she loves when I cum inside of her, she can feel the warmth and the wetness, and she loves feeling me dripping out of her. But she said “As much as I love that I always want to drink your cum because you taste so good.” All this talk makes me a wild man, and I tell her I want to watch my cum drip out of her. She crawls on top of me, kneeling over my hips, and she reaches down to touch herself. I say “Not like that, I want to really see.” And I lift her hips up and slide myself down so her pussy is inches from my face, I open my mouth wide slide out my tongue and say “push.”
She bites her bottom lip and spreads her lips open as a shot of my cum drips out of her and into my mouth. She’s the first and only girl I’ve ever done this with. It feels like the next level of intimacy. The sensation is incredible and I can’t put it into words, I’m drinking our sex from her cup. I grab her by the hair get up to my knees and tilt her head back. No words are needed she knows exactly what I’m thinking, like in the wild we share. She opens her mouth and I spit my cum into hers. She swallows, smiles and thanks me for sharing.

Then as quick as it started it’s finished she jumps out of bed and says she has to get ready and I follow her into the shower. The plan is for me to join her to the airport, and I tell her that before she leaves I want to stop by my house for a quickie in my bed. I say I want to see our sex in a mirror before she leaves. She tells me of course and she wants the same thing. The next few hours are filled with delaying situations and poor time management, her sister picks us up and I quickly realize we’re not going to get the sex with a reflection that I wanted. Now we’re rushing to the airport and I’m reminiscing and being grateful about the intimate sex we had in the morning. She hugs her sister goodbye and now we’re alone again, she only has an hour till her take off but has to rush through check in. I say I guess the first thing we have to do when you get back is be in front of the mirror together.

She grabs my hand smiles at me and says “Do you think they have mirrors in the bathroom?” My head tilts and I know what’s she’s thinking I nod and say “they must.” She leads me to the washroom area and the first one we see is the handicap washroom, and lucky for us no one is inside. We rush in trying not to be noticed and lock the door behind us, like animals we’re on and all over each other. She drops to her knees and takes my cock in her mouth, my hearts beating fast and overwhelmed is an understatement. She does circles around me and shoves me as deep as she can take. I grab two fistfuls of her long black hair and look up into the mirror, my eyes find my eyes and I shake my head. She knows I’m as hard as she needs and gets back up pulls her pants down and says “Fuck me, fuck me hard, I want you to cum and give me every drop.” As always she’s the boss and I slide my cock inside and grab her hips and pull her into me, now our eyes lock in the mirror and I’m fucking her fast. I reach under her shirt to squeeze her breast and bite at her neck, she starts pushing her ass back into me and that’s all I need. She knows my face, she knows my expression and she drops back down to her knees just in time to catch my ejaculation. She moans looks up at me and swallows, her hand wipes her mouth then gets back up and pulls her pants up. I’m lost in the moment, leaning against the wall and having trouble standing. She helps me and puts my cock back in my pants and zips my fly up, fastens my belt. She grabs my hand and I grab her luggage. We walk out together and like a wall it hits me, we have about a minute left together, we hug, we kiss, we say I’ll see you in two weeks and she turns from me and walks through security. If those guards only knew what the beautiful girl was doing in the washroom just moments before. I stand there watching her till she’s through and out of sight. I turn around to see an old couple, the man grinning at me ear to ear, the women shaking her head in the most approving way. I start to leave and know I just lived a morning I’ll never forget.


The first time he told me how bad I was by Sweet Girl

The first time he told me how bad I was, I whispered into his ear, “no one will ever believe you.” 

in person, i’m quiet and shy. in bed, i’m the complete opposite. 
i’ve always wanted rougher sex, but no one has ever been able to dominate me in the way he has. 

when he pulls my hair, he controls my entire body.

when he slaps my ass, it’s warm and red with the imprint of his palm hours after we’ve collapsed onto the bed. 

when he fucks me, i tear at the sheets with my hands. my teeth sink into the pillow, or his skin — whatever is closest. 

when i’m sucking his dick, he has me begging for more. 

we were sitting on his couch listening to records when he decided he wanted me — right then and there. 

before i even know what he wants, his strong arms flip me onto my hands and knees and pull down my leggings. he feels my pussy. it’s already dripping with anticipation. i’ve never been taken like this before, and my heart is pounding. he unzips his pants and starts fucking me. hard. fast. we’re both fully clothed and it’s still the sexiest fuck i’ve ever had. i brace my hands against the back of the couch and start pushing myself hard against his cock. with every thrust i feel him deeper and deeper and my moans get louder and louder. 

he grabs a fist full of my hair and yanks up, pulling my upper body off the couch and up onto my knees, my back arches towards his chest. 

"you want to taste my cum, baby?"

he says things like this all the time and it drives me crazy. my heart is still racing, and i’m breathing heavy. all i can get out is, “yes.”

"what do you say?"

still holding my hair, he tugs downward, jerking my head back and forcing a “please” out of my breathless lungs. 

he pushes me into the couch and presents his dick in front of me - hard, long, wet from being inside me. 

"i want you to choke on my dick."

i always do what i’m told. i try to tease him a little by using my tongue and licking him all over, but he doesn’t want to be teased tonight. he grabs my head and pushes his thick cock all the way to the back of my throat. he sets the rhythm. i fill my mouth with his cock and tap his leg when i’m choking. He backs away and i gasp for air, but i’m not finished. i take him again and my tongue follows the movement of my mouth, licking every inch of him. i touch myself, and moan with my lips tight around his dick. 

it’s not long before he’s ready, and he lets out a furious orgasm and fills my mouth with his warm cum. i let him see what he did, then i swallow and with my leggings still tightly bunched up around my thighs, i fall back on to the couch — the couch that i will never be able to look at the same way again.

I’m not sure if I ever posted this but I should have


Will you describe your perfect blow job?

There are many ways to give the perfect blow job, but it’s important that it comes by surprise. She could grab me and take me somewhere, maybe the bedroom, maybe an alley way. She’d kiss me soft and lick at my lips then drop to her knees and unbuckle by belt, then take my cock out and push it against her tongue. She would lick at my balls and tease me before finally taking me in her mouth. Her hands would be on my hips as her mouth moves up and down my cock, I would see me getting harder and wetter from the spit in her mouth. She’d look up at me jerk me off and spit on my cock then lick up any drips and shove me back in her mouth. She’d open her mouth wide push me to the back of her mouth and swallow sliding the tip of my dick down her throat. I’d wrap her hair in my fist and push her head into me, then pull her back when I feel neither of us can take it anymore. She’d start gasping for breath but quickly take my dick back in her mouth. Then she’d stop and look up at me again saying “Please cum for me, I want to taste you so bad” I’d say “No, not yet baby, take me all the way again” She would listen and do as she’s told, then start taking me in and our of her throat as I get closer and closer to cumming, she’d stop again and tell me how bad she wants my cum, then I would relax and let go. She’d take the whole load in her mouth and then lean back and let me see the cum in her mouth before she swallows it all, then she would tuck my cock back into my pants stand up and kiss me on the lips and slide her tongue in my mouth so I can taste myself.