*****please read before submitting*******
Submission Sunday is for well shot and classy sexy photographs that have not been posted online yet. I prefer photos showing more than just a body part, I don’t want a photo of just your cock, or your pussy, or your boobs or ass, make it more interesting than just a body part. Photos of mirror cellphone shots are frowned upon. Please include a write up about your photo, it could be what inspired it or what you were thinking or why you want to show off, really it can be anything. Keep write up only one paragraph long.

photos will not be posted with out a write up.

The them this week is NN Tribute, find your favourite NN photo and recreate or reference the image. The top 3 submissions with the most notes the following Sunday win a special gold logo NN T-Shirt.

All models must be 18+ and must read and agree to the Submission Agreement before continuing at