She made me promise that I would let her taste me later that day, she looked right in my eyes when she asked. With I smile I said “of course I promise, you can have me any way you want” we found each other in the park and said good by to our friends and headed back to my house, I put my hand on her back as we walked and every time we glanced at each other we both fought back smiles. The walk was short but we chatted about how our days were, I asked if she remembered to say hi to her sister for me and she assured me that she did. Though I knew what was on her mind, I always like to play casual and pretend like I have other things in mind. I tell her I am hungry and want to make her dinner, I ask if she would like to help. She says she is not hungry yet, but she is thirsty. I look up from the fridge and she is leaning against the wall biting her lip, looking incredibly sexy. I close the fridge door and walk towards her she takes a step in my direction and falls into my arms and our lips find each other so easily. Every time I kiss her I get first time excitement.  Her lips feel beyond soft and warm, and our styles fit perfectly together. She likes to have her lips nibbled and I love to bite them. She is gentle with her tongue but with my encouragement she gives it to me to suck on. We’re standing in the middle of my kitchen, embracing each other and making out. My roommates are both gone away so we know that we don’t have to worry about being caught by anyone. I keep my mouth on hers but lean away pressing my hands on her hips, I grab her strong lift her and push her against the wall. She wraps her arms and one leg around my body to pull me closer. We’re both lightly breathing and moaning into each other. I feel like I can do exactly what I want with her; she gets turned on by what turns me on. Which leads to a non-stop sexual cycle of excitement. I brush her hair off her neck and kiss and lick from the tip of her ear down to her shoulder. She kisses me quickly when ever she can. Then she says “take me to your room” she tells me “I want you right now” I shake my head at her and tell her that I want her right here, right now. Her eyes sparkle, her mouth grins and she looks up into my eyes. Her hands grab my belt and loosen the buckle, she undoes the button on my pants and she pulls them around my ankles as she squats in front of me leaning her back against the wall. She gets me to lift my feet off the ground so she can take my pants completely off, then she does the same to my boxers, then she removes my socks. She kisses at my knees and the inside of my thighs, making me anxiously await her mouth on my cock. I’m all ready hard and she keeps her hands on my hips while she rubs my dick against her cheek and lips. Kissing and licking at me. She uses her right hand to jerk me off and follows her fist movement with her lips, taking me into her mouth and squeezing the rest of my dick with her hand so I can feel her all over. I am standing in awe at the most beautiful girl I have ever seen sucking my dick. This whole moment feels unreal, I think about how great of a story this is going to turn into. She takes me dick out of her mouth and leans her head against the wall; she opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue half out of her mouth and again stares into my eyes. I shake my head, saying, “Fuck, you’re amazing” and I lean forward to put my dick back in her mouth. She moans and hums while nodding her head, letting me know this is exactly what she wants. I have my hands on the wall, and every time I look down I bang my fist against the wall because I can’t believe this is actually happening. Every time I take too long to thrust into her again she grabs my hips and bum and pulls me in. I gain my composure and know I have to give her what she wants, I grab her long black hair with my left fist and stand up straight so my cock will line up perfectly with the back of her throat. I take my dick in my right hand and start jerking off in front of her face while she is whimpering and begging for my cock and cum with out saying anything. I lift my dick up while I masturbate inches from her face letting her know I want her to suck on my balls. She does exactly what I want and kisses and licks at my ball sack and sucks them into her mouth. Then I lean away form her again and arrange myself inline with her throat, with one hand on the wall and holding her hair with the other I slowly drive myself into her mouth past her lips and against the back of her throat, I start just pushing lightly before backing myself up and driving forward again. Her hands are on my ankles letting me know that she trusts me, and that I can go as deep as I want. I know she is relaxed and ready so I decide to push harder this next thrust, I lean my hips forward towards her face and my dick slides across her moist lips and her wet tongue I feel the back of her throat on the head of my cock and I push myself down her throat. I bang my fist against the wall and swear then pull watch and myself out as a line of spit come out of her mouth with me and keeps my cock and her lips attached. I cover my face with my hand still in shock of how unbelievably perfect this is. She moans telling me she wants more, I have one hand on the wall and one hand covering my mouth as I drive myself into her again, past her lips, across her tongue till I feel the back of throat. She is staring up at me her eyes begging me to push deeper, I thrust my dick another few inches into her mouth and I slide down the back of her throat. The head of my dick feels incredible as her tight throat surrounds every part of me. She puts her hands on my hips to push me away then pulls me in again, each time I slide down easier as I gently fuck her throat. She has her hands on my ass and I drive myself hard down her throat and stay inside again banging my fist against the wall because it feels so good, she pushes me away and gasps for air and coughs from choking on me, I quickly bend down to be at her height and I kiss her forehead, I kiss her nose and her mouth saying “I’m sorry, I did not mean to hurt you” she says “no, no it’s fine you go so deep, and I love it” I tell her that she is fucking amazing, and I ask her what she wants next. She tells me she wants more, she wants to taste me. I kiss her again open mouthed and wet, letting my spit get in her mouth so I know she will be wet enough for my dick to slide down easier this time. She moans and leans against the wall again looking up at me with her mouth open. I stare at her and jerk myself off again, making her wait for me. These times I grab the back of her head and pull her into me, I want her to swallow me but I want her to push my dick down her throat. I’ve got her curly hair in my fist and my cock in the other hand, she spits on my dick and I’m shaking my head. I tell her to open her mouth and she listens, I squeeze my balls tight against my dick and try to fit all of me in her mouth. I fit most of my cock and a bit of my balls inside and it feels incredible. She changes from squatting to kneeling in front of me, her hands on her knees pushing her self straight up. Eyes up, mouth open. This girl is perfect when she walks the streets; there are not words to describe how she is right now. I put my dick back in her mouth and she pushes her self and pulls me in and she swallows my deep. I’m punching the wall and swearing, I grab my dick again and tell her to open her mouth wide, I kneel down and spit onto her tongue. She moans again and I give her my dick to suck on, she is bobbing her head back and fourth, sucking on the head of my dick then pushing her neck forward taking me deep completely. My head and both hands are now on the wall; I am in shock and awe looking down as she gives me the kind of blowjob I dream about. My heart is racing and my body is in shock, I quickly grab her hair and pull her off my dick and bend over towards her. I tell her I can’t take this anymore, I need to fuck her. I bend over and wrap my arms around her hips and lift her up from the ground and throw her over my shoulder, cave man style. I carry her from the kitchen to my bedroom and throw her on my bed. She is still fully dressed and I am completely naked, she lift her self up on her hands and she spreads her legs I reach both fists under her skirt and rip the crotch of her thong completely off. I dive my face at her pussy and suck up as much of her juice as I can, she grabs at the sheets of my bed and I suck on her clit and push my tongue inside of her. I know I want to fuck her hard, and I want to cum with her. I reach into my side table and grab a condom I bite at the package and tear a piece off and slide it over my throbbing cock. She lifts her shirt up and off and I kneel in between her legs and slide myself inside of her and immediately push my hips as close to hers as I can, she drives her nails into my back and swears in my ear telling me how deep I am. I reach one hand underneath her hips and push them against me so that they are slightly angled, and reach my other hand around her back and un-clasp her bra with a quick snap of my fingers. She pulls it off and throws it to the floor. I bury my face in her neck and shoulder and kiss her as I drive my self inside of her. She has got me so worked up that I can’t go slow. Her legs are spread and shaking as I fuck her, I’m both lifting her ass into me and thrusting my cock into her. She’s saying my name on repeat, she’s gasping and she’s talking to god. It seems the long build up has made us both on edge and I’m kissing her mouth in between her breaths. She reaches down to grab my ass so she is pulling me into her also; I can’t take much more and tell her I am going to cum, I say I’m so fucking close. She slaps me in the ass and I lose control, her body starts to spasm in my arms and she bites at my shoulder. I’m screaming and panting as I lose control, we’re cumming together. My body starts to shake and I fall into he arms, both of us breathing heavy and she wipes the sweat of my forehead. I grab her face with both hands and kiss her a dozen times. I take my dick out of her and stand up on the floor; I take a moment to admire her beautiful sexy freshly fucked body. She is breathing heavy and keeps rotating her head from one side to the other. We’re both trying to regain composure; I throw the condom in the garbage and crawl back in bed beside her and kiss her lips. She slaps at my chest and says that I still owe her, I ask why thinking that maybe she did not actually cum. then she says “you promised” and I remember, she was supposed to swallow my cum. I say ” oh I’m sorry dear, you’re just gonna have to wait, I just came so hard there is no way I have any left for you” she kisses me and says it’s ok and that she is happy we got to cum together, then she says she is going to suck the cum from my dick later whether I like it or not. I’m shaking my head smiling, thinking she is too good to be true. I tell her I just need a little break, and then I’ll give her anything she wants, and I will fucking love giving it to her.