We woke up together from the train horn sound of a text message on her cell phone, she rolls over to check and tells me “Oh no, my sister wants to meet for breakfast in 20 minutes.” she writes back I’ll meet you in half an hour. She came to me last night at two in the morning we were out for drinks with her friends celebrating her birthday when jet leg finally caught up with me and I left the fun around 11 to come home and sleep. I asked her how the rest of her night was and apologized for being so sleepy and leaving early. We kept changing our positions from laying face to face to her resting on my chest and me resting on hers, she rolls to her side and I take her back. Being the best spoon I can be I pull her close and kiss at her neck. Then I put my hand on her shoulder and I push her to lay on her stomach, I crawl over her and start kissing at her back asking “so I have the next half hour to kiss you all over” she replies ” sorry mister you’ve only got 20 minutes cause I have to bike there and I can’t be late.” I move her long black hair off of her body and kiss at the back of her neck, I follow her spine all the way down kissing every few inches, I grab at her bum with both hands squeezing her checks together I kiss them and nibble at them both. I drag my lips and tongue up the side of her body and she rolls over to her back. I place my hand on her chest and tell her how much I like how perfect my hand fits over her breast plate. She stares into my eyes and smiles. I’m on my hands and knees and I start to kiss at her breasts, I kneel beside her and shove my tongue hard into her nipple then suck as much of her I can fit into my mouth. I lightly bite her, and then say how sexy it is to feel her nipple get hard in my mouth. She tells me she loves that I just said that. I lean over to the other side so her left breast does not get jealous of her right. I start on the rest of her body going down from her nipple across her belly button and back up to her left breast, drawing a smile of kisses across her body. I place both my hands on her hips grabbing her thong with my fists and pull them down leaving them around her ankles, I want her to feel slightly restricted. I crawl between her legs so each thigh is resting on my shoulders, we fall together perfectly into every position. Her one hand grabs at my hair and my tongue finds her clit. I know I’ve still got about 15 minutes so I take my time. Even though I spent the entire day in bed with her yesterday I don’t think I could ever get tired of kissing her body. She is the first girl to make me contemplate if it feels better for my mouth and hands to touch her body or if it’s better for her body to be touched by my mouth and hands. She swears it feels best for her and I swear the opposite. I’m kissing her gently going from just having one of her lips in my mouth to both. I treat her pussy like her mouth and make out with her. I reach up with my left hand and grab her breast, I squeeze it and pinch at her nipple while doing circles with my tongue around her clit. She opens her eyes and looks down at me, I suck hard and push my tongue against her, she arches her back and gasps. I stop sucking so she opens her eyes and looks at me again and I lift my head up and let all if my spit and her juice fall out of my mouth and back onto her, she moans and bites her lip again. I start switching from licking up and down over her clitoris and doing circles, I reach my arm around her and use my hand to spread open her lips. I lean my head away and admire the beautiful folds of her pink pussy, and her little clit peaking trough her hood. I swear, and I suck hard on her again. I get up on to my knees to change the angle of my head and have her lips and clit in my mouth, shoving my tongue between them and sucking hard. Using my whole tongue to touch as much of her as I can. My boy cat jumps on the bed but I don’t let him ruin the mood, she reaches over and pets his head and he crawls around our bodies and jumps down to the floor. Then the sound of the train comes again, and she says “oh no she’s probably there now waiting for me” I don’t say anything but keep licking her. She lifts her body up and moans pushing me with both hands between her legs. I feel a bit of urgency and slide my middle finger inside of her, bend it down and push up against the front wall of her insides, I wave my finger back and fourth and move my hand about an inch in and out of her. Plus my tongue is doing circles and my lips are kissing her. She makes her hands into fists and pushes her self sitting up again, I know she’s close and I want her to cum hard. So I keep the finger of my left hand inside of her and I lean back, I put my right hand on her throat and push her back on to the bed as I quickly jump my body out from between her legs and into side control. Reenacting one of my favorite Sasha Gray vs James Deen scenes, I keep my one hand on her throat and I slide my ring finger inside of her as well, she is soaking wet and grabbing onto to my bed sheets with both hands, staring into my eyes. I use all the strength in my arm to vibrate my hand up and down with my fingers slightly coming in and out if her while I push hard on her insides with my finger and push my palm against the top of her pelvic bone to cause friction and stimulate all of her buttons at the same time. She starts swearing and I know she’s on the edge, she grabs one breast with each hand, saying my name then fuck then my name again. I do one last quick and hard series of up and down with my right hand an she’s gasping and moaning and cumming I pull my hand out from inside and place two fingers on her clit and rub as fast as I can she reaches down pulls my hand away and rolls to her side, she is breathing hard and fast as I reach my arm around her legs and back to hold her as close as I can. She’s kissing my face and saying thank you. I kiss at her shoulder and rest my head on her asking if she came once or twice, she says only once but it came from her toes and was all over her body. I look down at my bed and there are three big wet stains from her juice and my spit, we smile at each other and kiss with our eyes connected. I grab her thong from the bottom of my bed hold it in a fist then slide it back on to her body. She moans and says she has to rush I follow her body and she gets up and off the bed kissing her back and arm and neck as she goes. I place a pillow against my wall lean back and watch as she puts her bra on and a pair if my boxers because we decided yesterday than her dress is too short to bike around wearing only a thong underneath. She slides her dress on and crawls on the bed back to kiss me, she kisses at my neck and my chest and asks me to promise her that she will get to taste me later. I tell her I promise and kiss her. She grabs her bags puts on her shoes and gets ready to leave, I lick my lips and tell her that I love when I can still taste her, I tell her to say hi to her sister for me and that I will see her soon. She says she’ll come back to me this afternoon. As I hear the door close and she leaves I grab my phone, cause there was one last thing I wanted to tell her, I type ”you’re my favorite breakfast” and send it to her.