So I have to start with a thank you, I set a goal about 2 weeks ago to reach 30000 followers by Valentines day and we did it with 5 days to spare. So thank you to everyone who shared any NN content. 

Secondly, holy fuck. I still remember that first thousand and I think it took about a year to get and now we bring in 1000 now followers every two weeks. I don’t know but I think that’s pretty amazing. 

Welcome to all of the new followers, this is a great time to be joining us. Tomorrow is Submission Sunday and I’ve already received some really beautiful photos I am excited to share. I am sure more will be coming in tonight and a bunch more tomorrow.

This week we have no theme, but Mardi Gras was suggested so if you have any beads or party vibes feel free to include that in your photo. I don’t want to see webcam flashing photos though please, unless you want to add a creative twist to it. This blog is is not isanyoneup and if you look through our previous submissions you’ll notice NN Submissions have a bit more effort put into the photo. And it’s not a coincidence. 

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Real Sex Stories (The complete collection of my erotic writing)


And if you don’t already follow me on twitter you should, I know my tweets have been a bit of a bummer lately and sorry about that, it’s uphill and on wards from  here on out.