The day started with her in my arms, head resting, using me as a pillow. When I’m with her all I try to do is appreciate being together. This was the day I’d been dreading since she told me about it. The cycle of our dating life is as follows. She comes to me, I leave who I’m with, then she leaves me, I find someone to be with, then she comes back and it goes on like this. We only ever separate for a season, and it’s always been the cold one. She was going on a trip to visit the guy who she had always left me for, and that morning I’ll admit all I wanted to do was hold onto her so she missed her flight and we could stay together. I knew she was going to be rushed, but I had to have her. I went down on her and cherished every second of it, every moan, every taste, every detail. After she came she told me to fuck her which I gladly did, I turned her around and whispered in her ear about how good she felt, how sexy she is and how I’ll miss her. She kept encouraging me to be rougher, so I pushed her back into the bed and pulled her head up by her hair as I fucked her full force. We came together and she screamed her orgasm with a sound she’d never made before. I was gasping for breath and had a layer of sweat all over my body, she was smiling that glowing smile. She looked at me and told me how she loves when I cum inside of her, she can feel the warmth and the wetness, and she loves feeling me dripping out of her. But she said “As much as I love that I always want to drink your cum because you taste so good.” All this talk makes me a wild man, and I tell her I want to watch my cum drip out of her. She crawls on top of me, kneeling over my hips, and she reaches down to touch herself. I say “Not like that, I want to really see.” And I lift her hips up and slide myself down so her pussy is inches from my face, I open my mouth wide slide out my tongue and say “push.”
She bites her bottom lip and spreads her lips open as a shot of my cum drips out of her and into my mouth. She’s the first and only girl I’ve ever done this with. It feels like the next level of intimacy. The sensation is incredible and I can’t put it into words, I’m drinking our sex from her cup. I grab her by the hair get up to my knees and tilt her head back. No words are needed she knows exactly what I’m thinking, like in the wild we share. She opens her mouth and I spit my cum into hers. She swallows, smiles and thanks me for sharing.

Then as quick as it started it’s finished she jumps out of bed and says she has to get ready and I follow her into the shower. The plan is for me to join her to the airport, and I tell her that before she leaves I want to stop by my house for a quickie in my bed. I say I want to see our sex in a mirror before she leaves. She tells me of course and she wants the same thing. The next few hours are filled with delaying situations and poor time management, her sister picks us up and I quickly realize we’re not going to get the sex with a reflection that I wanted. Now we’re rushing to the airport and I’m reminiscing and being grateful about the intimate sex we had in the morning. She hugs her sister goodbye and now we’re alone again, she only has an hour till her take off but has to rush through check in. I say I guess the first thing we have to do when you get back is be in front of the mirror together.

She grabs my hand smiles at me and says “Do you think they have mirrors in the bathroom?” My head tilts and I know what’s she’s thinking I nod and say “they must.” She leads me to the washroom area and the first one we see is the handicap washroom, and lucky for us no one is inside. We rush in trying not to be noticed and lock the door behind us, like animals we’re on and all over each other. She drops to her knees and takes my cock in her mouth, my hearts beating fast and overwhelmed is an understatement. She does circles around me and shoves me as deep as she can take. I grab two fistfuls of her long black hair and look up into the mirror, my eyes find my eyes and I shake my head. She knows I’m as hard as she needs and gets back up pulls her pants down and says “Fuck me, fuck me hard, I want you to cum and give me every drop.” As always she’s the boss and I slide my cock inside and grab her hips and pull her into me, now our eyes lock in the mirror and I’m fucking her fast. I reach under her shirt to squeeze her breast and bite at her neck, she starts pushing her ass back into me and that’s all I need. She knows my face, she knows my expression and she drops back down to her knees just in time to catch my ejaculation. She moans looks up at me and swallows, her hand wipes her mouth then gets back up and pulls her pants up. I’m lost in the moment, leaning against the wall and having trouble standing. She helps me and puts my cock back in my pants and zips my fly up, fastens my belt. She grabs my hand and I grab her luggage. We walk out together and like a wall it hits me, we have about a minute left together, we hug, we kiss, we say I’ll see you in two weeks and she turns from me and walks through security. If those guards only knew what the beautiful girl was doing in the washroom just moments before. I stand there watching her till she’s through and out of sight. I turn around to see an old couple, the man grinning at me ear to ear, the women shaking her head in the most approving way. I start to leave and know I just lived a morning I’ll never forget.