The first time he told me how bad I was, I whispered into his ear, “no one will ever believe you.” 

in person, i’m quiet and shy. in bed, i’m the complete opposite. 
i’ve always wanted rougher sex, but no one has ever been able to dominate me in the way he has. 

when he pulls my hair, he controls my entire body.

when he slaps my ass, it’s warm and red with the imprint of his palm hours after we’ve collapsed onto the bed. 

when he fucks me, i tear at the sheets with my hands. my teeth sink into the pillow, or his skin — whatever is closest. 

when i’m sucking his dick, he has me begging for more. 

we were sitting on his couch listening to records when he decided he wanted me — right then and there. 

before i even know what he wants, his strong arms flip me onto my hands and knees and pull down my leggings. he feels my pussy. it’s already dripping with anticipation. i’ve never been taken like this before, and my heart is pounding. he unzips his pants and starts fucking me. hard. fast. we’re both fully clothed and it’s still the sexiest fuck i’ve ever had. i brace my hands against the back of the couch and start pushing myself hard against his cock. with every thrust i feel him deeper and deeper and my moans get louder and louder. 

he grabs a fist full of my hair and yanks up, pulling my upper body off the couch and up onto my knees, my back arches towards his chest. 

"you want to taste my cum, baby?"

he says things like this all the time and it drives me crazy. my heart is still racing, and i’m breathing heavy. all i can get out is, “yes.”

"what do you say?"

still holding my hair, he tugs downward, jerking my head back and forcing a “please” out of my breathless lungs. 

he pushes me into the couch and presents his dick in front of me - hard, long, wet from being inside me. 

"i want you to choke on my dick."

i always do what i’m told. i try to tease him a little by using my tongue and licking him all over, but he doesn’t want to be teased tonight. he grabs my head and pushes his thick cock all the way to the back of my throat. he sets the rhythm. i fill my mouth with his cock and tap his leg when i’m choking. He backs away and i gasp for air, but i’m not finished. i take him again and my tongue follows the movement of my mouth, licking every inch of him. i touch myself, and moan with my lips tight around his dick. 

it’s not long before he’s ready, and he lets out a furious orgasm and fills my mouth with his warm cum. i let him see what he did, then i swallow and with my leggings still tightly bunched up around my thighs, i fall back on to the couch — the couch that i will never be able to look at the same way again.

I’m not sure if I ever posted this but I should have