The trouble with dream girl is sometimes she’s a daydream and sometimes dealing with her feels like a nightmare. We make plans the night before for her to come over in the morning and we’d spend the day together until I had to go to work. After two years of off and on dating I still get Christmas Eve excited when we have plans. My stomach gets butterflies like I am a kid again.  She’s the only thing in m y life I get that feeling for. She has an early morning life style and I assume that she’ll be over around 8 and we’ll have a few hours to spend together, but of course she’s being difficult to get a hold of and now I start doubting if I’ll get to see her at all today. 8 slowly turns into 10 and she’s saying she’ll be by soon. Finally shortly after 11 she texts me saying that she is on my patio and for me to come get her, I reply “No way, I’m naked come up and get me” She walks up to my apartment to find me fully clothed and turning off my record player, she says “I thought you were naked” and I say “I was expecting you hours ago, you’re late” I don’t let any more frustration show and just walk up and into her arms. We start in the hallway deeply kissing each other holding faces and touching bodies. She sets the mood and quickly unzips the front of her denim dress, I look down and I shake my head. Her body is fucking incredible, I love every inch of her. Every time I see her naked it feels like the first time. I suck each of her breasts and bite soft on her nipple.

Then we moved to my living room, I pushed her onto the chair and slid her panties off and put my face between her legs. I peeled her open and slid my tongue as deep inside of her as I could reach. She tore my shirt off and stripped me of my shorts and started to suck on my cock, then she grabbed me and lead me to my bedroom.  She kept her dress unzipped but still on, she wore her boots and I crawled between her legs and slowly put myself inside of her. Being connected to her feels like nothing else, no intimacy compares, no accomplishments come close. We kept changing paces from fucking to kissing to holding to caressing. She took her boots off and I lifted her dress up and off her. I place my hand on the center of her back and pushed her down on to the bed and fucked her hard from behind. Every sound she makes is all I want to hear. I started dripping sweat on to her and I say “reach between your legs and rub your clit for me.” She did exactly as I wanted, we looked so incredible in my mirror my hairy strong and wet body driving into her small, tight and beautiful body. I picked her up and flipped her around and held her as close as I could. She whispers in my ear she needs to taste me, she wants my cum in her mouth. I take myself out of her and lean back onto my knees in hero pose she quickly gets up on all fours and starts to suck on my dick, using her whole body to take me as deep as she can. I wrap my hands in her long black curly hair and push her head into me. I take a moment to settle and make a bookmark in my head. Knowing I’ll need to remember this later. She has one hand on my cock using it along with her mouth; the other is between my legs squeezing my bum check and lightly dragging her finger over my ass. We don’t need to talk, our bodies know each other better than we’ll ever know. But I love when she gets what she needs so I ask her what she wants and she takes me dick out of her mouth looks up at me and says ‘please, give it to me I want to taste your cum’ I start jerking off in front of her face and I tell her to open her mouth I’m inches away and quickly stroking my cock full speed.

I tell her to stick her tongue out and she obeys, I’m rubbing the head of me on the tip of her tongue. Then I lift my cock up and she knows what I want, she starts licking my balls and sucking them. I’m covered it sweat and love how much it’s turning her on to taste me. As much as I want to shoot my cum all over her right now I decide I want to be inside her again. I put my hand around her throat and push her back onto the bed.  I grab her wrists and hold them above her head and look right into her eyes, I say I’m going to fuck you as hard as I can. I’m going to use all my strength on you. Then I asked her if she’s ready, she bites her lip nods her head and I start flexing my arms and pulling her into me. I firmly plant my knees and thighs up against her body so I can drive myself into her with full strength. She says my name and yes, she says harder. I can’t hold back and tell her to take my cock I quickly pull out and she dives at dick shoving  it deep in her mouth as I cum across her tongue. She swallows me and keeps sucking, I’m swearing sweating and my body is shaking. I punch the bed and my legs are spasming, I grab her hair and pull her off of my dick. I’m breathing heavy and I can’t stop. She’s watching me calm down, we’re both soaking wet and she is playing with our sweat on her body. Rubbing her belly button and her breasts, eventually I regain composure and grab a shirt off my floor and wipe us both down.

Then I start on her, sucking her breasts kissing at her collar and her lips. I know what she wants but I want her to wait, I reach down to the foot of my bed and grab a silk scarf first I drag it over her body up to her neck and then down along her body and between her legs. I bring it back up then lay it over her eyes; I squeeze her breasts together and drag my tongue over each nipple.

Then starting at her neck I lick all the way down her body and stop just at the top of her bush she pushes her hips up trying to get me to kiss her pussy but I resist. I grab the scarf from her face and tie it around her arm, then I reach down again to the foot of my bed grab a second scarf and tie her other arm. I want her to keep guessing what my plan was; I did not want to make it obvious. I kneel on my bed and she is laying and waiting, arms out head resting on a pillow. She stretches her legs out and puts one foot under my balls lifting my cock up, and then she pushes down with her other foot and starts rubbing me up and down. I can’t decide where to look, my view of her is so good waiting for me and her feet are working my cock better than I could have imagined. I tilt my hips and widen my legs so we can both see better in the mirror, now we both watch as she jerks me off with her feet. I start again and I reach for a third scarf and this one I tie around her head to blind fold her, she moves her head to get comfortable so I lift it up over her nose so she can breath. I tighten up the scarves on her arms and attach the other end to her thigh, now she’s has her arms and legs bound together so she’s easily spread open for me. Now I need to taste her, I take a moment and admire her; the sun is shining through my window and gracing her body. I shake my head again and think how just a few days ago I had no idea if I’d get to kiss her again now she’s tied up in my bed and I can do what ever I want to her. I grab my phone beside the bed and as quietly as I can take a photo. Moments like this are few and far between, and any way I can remember it I need to take advantage of. I spread her lips open and push my tongue against her clit, I squeeze it between my lips and suck hard then push my tongue against her. I slide my tongue a bit lower and shove it inside of her, with my hands I grab her and spread her as wide as I can, I tongue fuck her and lick her insides. Then I lift her hips up and lick her asshole. When I’m with her there is nothing I wouldn’t do, in the bedroom or out I have a desire to please and satisfy her like I’ve never felt before. She’s moaning twitching and saying my name, she rests her foot on my shoulder but I push it away. I lean back from her and push both her legs apart then I grab her foot and suck on her toes. She squirms and tilts back and fourth, I move myself to side control and again suck on her breasts. The shape and size are perfect, all I’ve ever needed was a mouth full of breast, and she is exactly that and a little bit more. After a few seconds her nipples get hard and I pinch them between my teeth, my hand slides down her stomach does a circle around her belly button and continues down between her legs.

I find her clit again and I start rubbing circles around it with two fingers, she’s rotating her hips in the same direction. Every few seconds I lower my hand and do the same circle over the rim of her opening. I keep my hand in motion and tell her to stick out her tongue; I do a circle around it with mine then suck it hard in my mouth. Then I slide my fingers deep inside of her and push up against her g-spot, she moans in my ear. I’ve got two fingers buried deep inside of her and I am pushing down and pulling up with 50% strength, I tell her I am going to use all my strength on her again and she moans again and said please. I wrap my left arm around her neck and pull her in close and push her thigh against her chest with my knee, her whole body is in my arms and I start to push and pull using my arm strength, then I take my fingers out and as fast as I can vibrate my two fingers over her clit and she starts shaking. I quickly jump back in-between her legs in full guard and she wraps her long legs around me and I put my hard cock back inside of her and push as deep as I can, she immediately starts to cum and is dragging her nails across my back as I slowly but deeply push my cock inside of her. Her legs kick out and pull in her head tilts from side to side and I have a huge grin on my face, I love giving her an orgasm and being able to pay attention to every detail. We often cum together which is absolutely beautiful, but when I get to hold her in my arms and just have her orgasm it’s a different bonding experience but similar. I untie her from the scarves while her body is still reacting and she’s shaking on the bed, I take myself out and kneel beside her as she rolls to her side and looks at us in the mirror. I say, “oh crap, I need to call in and say I’ll be late” And I quickly pick up the phone to call the yoga studio.  My voice is calm and collected, I rest my hand on her hip and say “Sorry, I am running a bit late but I will be in as soon as possible.” The lady on the phone says “great, thanks for calling in see you soon” I put the phone down and spoon up against her, I wrap my arm around her body and she quickly grabs my hand and places it between her breasts. We lay staring at each other in the mirror and enjoy a few breaths together before we separate, and as always I never know when I will see her again.