Her mom came to the city to visit, and she got them a fancy hotel room to stay in together. I met them for dinner and we went shopping in Kensington Market, trying to find her a few nice outfits. In a random vintage store I stumbled upon an album I had wanted to find for a while. Right now the name of the album seems so fitting, “Might as well face it you’re addicted to love.” I’ve felt for a while that my desire and passion for sex might be an addiction. After I left them I went home and they went back to the hotel to spend some family time before her mom leaves for her flight at 4 in the morning. At midnight she texts me to get to bed because she wants me in the morning, she says she went downstairs and told the door man that a guest would be coming, I had to show them my I.D. and they would have a key for me waiting. Needless to say I was excited, I set my alarm and went to bed trying to fall asleep because in the morning I knew I would want my energy so I could be awake for as much of our time together as possible.


I woke up in a huff and turned my alarm off, I chose one of my favorite songs to become the soundtrack of waking up and I like it less and less every time. I got dressed and left the house, and rode my long board down the street to the hotel. The city was quiet but still active, every car I passed by made me think about what was causing them to be awake at this hour, the sun was rising behind the city skyline and I counted one reason for what was good about being awake so early. I picked up my key at the front desk and went into the elevator, observing myself in the mirror I noticed the bags under my eyes, and the hair on my beard growing high on my cheeks. It’s scary what a few rough days will do to you. I went to her door and slid the key inside the lock tired but excited. The room was still dark as the sunlight crept its way to the foot of the bed. She was surrounded by white blankets in the biggest bed I’d ever seen. I took off my clothes in front of her as she watched laying in total comfort on the bed. She lifted the blankets up for me and I climbed over her to take her back. She grabbed my hands and told me how cold they were, and squeezed me hard against her warm body. I kissed her neck and rested my head on her shoulder. As the temperature of our bodies combined we also found a way to fit together. We briefly discussed how we felt and how nice it was to be together. She rolled to her back and I held her as close as I comfortably could. When you wake up in a new place there is always a brief moment of confusion, with this girl in my arms no matter where I was I was glad. She leaned into me and brushed the hair off of my face and kissed me. It had been four whole nights since we lay together. We had to be out of the hotel before noon, so we both knew we could not sleep in as long as we wanted. Waking up with the sun now fully present in the room, I wanted to take full advantage of our surroundings. I crawled beneath the sheets and in-between her legs; she wrapped the blanket around my shoulders so only my head and hands around her waste with her upper half were all that was exposed. I love when I take my time with her body, when we both have a few hours to spare and I am able to focus my time on each and every part of her that I touch. This time I decided to focus on one area, I was dedicating my full attention to her pussy, I moved my neck slowly with my tongue sticking out, going from the top of her clit hood to the base of the rim of her opening. Then widened my tongue to touch her outer lips and bite at her thighs. I like when I can concentrate on just making her cum, I know just how to do it but I enjoy taking my time. I push at her thighs so that her legs rise up and her feet rest on my shoulders, I reach both my hands between her thighs and spread her lips apart and stick my tongue as deep inside of her as I can. She gasps and places both her hands in my hair, as I lift my head up and kiss her hard. She moans loud and I take a break from kissing her to tell her that I want to hear her, I told her that we are totally alone, and I want her to be loud. I start circling my tongue on her clit and she holds my head into place and puts her legs resting on my back. As I slowly increase the speed of my mouth she tightens the grip around my head. And now I could not get out if I wanted to, both legs wrap around my hand with her hands pulling me in, I feel like she has been paying more attention to our little jiu-jitsu practices then she lets on. She tilts her hips back and she opens her self up for me, releasing her grip and spreading her legs apart. I start to do wider circles reaching down beneath her clit and licking everything around, she swears at me and starts to cum. Her two hands make fists in my hair and she screams and shakes underneath me. After her climax she pulls me away from her pussy and up to her face, her body is tight as she kisses me on the mouth. She tells me to hold her and nuzzles her self into me. I watch her as she tries to slow down her breathing, her cheeks are red and warm I kiss them gently. Now we take time to admire our surroundings, we both admit to this being the biggest bed we’ve ever been in. After a few moments of rest she turns to me and kisses me hard, she kisses at my neck and crawls down my body dragging her hair and touching me with her lips and tongue as she goes. Her hands slide across my body and she grabs my dick with one hand and has her other one on my thigh, she licks at my dick and shoves it in her mouth. She looks into my eyes and leans her neck back and fourth taking more and more of me each time she lowers her neck. There are few finer things in this world than watching a beautiful girl suck on your dick, sure I have not travelled much, but I believe Chuck Palahniuk was right when he said “for sure, even the worst blow job is better than, say, sniffing the best rose or watching the greatest sunset.” I lean back and enjoy the moment as her wet mouth causes my dick to shine; she lifts her ass in the air and shakes it back and fourth teasing me as she pleases me.  She takes my dick out of her mouth and jerks me off beside her face, she looks up at me and tells me she wants to do what ever I want, and she says she wants to satisfy me completely. I grab her by the hair and tell her I want her to swallow me whole, and then I am going to fuck her till we have to stop. She sits up higher onto her hips and leans over my dick with her mouth wide open, she sticks her tongue out and lets her spit fall out of her mouth onto the head of my cock as she circles her tongue around me and jerks me off. She shoves me back in her mouth and with her ass in the air she leans the weight of her body into me. I can feel the back of her throat against the head of my dick and she places both of her hands on my hips and pulls herself down. She swallows and I slide inside her throat, my body gasps and I swear immediately sitting up at my waist. She squeezes my dick again as she looks at me and asks, “What do you want to do next?” I tell her I want her on her back, and I want my dick in her mouth. She turns her hips and lies down on the bed as I crawl off the edge. I grab her by the shoulders and pull her to the side so that her head hangs over. I go to my knees and kiss her lips, I tell her I want her to open her mouth and I keep one hand on her neck as I stand up again. Her mouth is wide and I grab my dick with my free hands, I slap it against her cheek as she turns her head into me to kiss at my dick. I tell her again to open her mouth, and this time I say keep it opens. I shove my dick between her lips and push against her tongue, I tell her to wrap her mouth round my dick and she sucks hard as I start moving my hips back and fourth in and out of her waiting mouth. I reach down between her legs and spread her lips open with my index and ring finger while I rub against her clit and pussy with my middle finger. I say I am going to put my fingers inside her when she swallows me, so for her to be ready. She opens her mouth wide and grabs my hips with her hands, I push hard against her mouth and she pulls me in the rest of the way as I slide two fingers deep inside of her and hook upwards to rub her g-spot. I look down at her bulging neck and gasp at how incredible it feels to be swallowed. She pushes me away and I can see the spit still attached to my cock from her mouth. I kneel down again to kiss her lips and this time tell her to get up, she turns up onto her hips and I tell her to get off the bed. Before she can step down I grab her and hold her in my arms carrying her to the window at the end of the room. I put her down on her feet kiss her again on the lips and tell her that I want her to lean against the window, she does exactly as I ask with her two hands on the edge of the frame and her ass leaning back waiting for me. I grab her hip with one hand and my dick with the other, I lift myself upwards as I bend my knees to get to her height, I slide in her dripping wet pussy and pull her into me. I swear into her ear, and look out on the city beneath us as people start their day. Cars drive by and people walk beside the streets, I wish for a moment for someone to see us, and remember of all the times I have walked by building looking up, wondering if any one was fucking at that moment. I was fully living that dream, and now squeezing her breasts together with my hands she was driving her hips into me as much as I was into her. I reach my hands up around her neck and lean my body against hers, I turn her around and kiss her and ask her where does she want to fuck. She says on the table, and she grabs my hand and pulls me to the little table built into the wall. She jumps her hips up and wraps her legs around me as I drive myself as deep as I can; she reaches her hands behind her and leans back. I reach down and squeeze her nipple in between my fingers as I keep a steady pace humping her back and fourth. I look down at her spread legs and admire how sexy and beautiful we look together as my cock slides in and our of her wet pussy . Now she wraps her arms around me and holds me close, she locks her legs together and I lift her up supporting her weight with my hands. I reach my arms underneath her ass so I have a hold of her entire body, I pull her into me and lift her away as I thrust against her. She buries her head in my shoulder and bites at my neck. I carry her to the bathroom and place her ass on the sink counter. The bathroom has mirrors back to back on each wall, and she watches her reflection and grabs onto my ass as her hand tightens and digs her nails into me. She reaches down with one hand and starts to rub her clit and I put both of my hands around her shoulders holding onto her neck, I stare her in the eyes and tell her I want her to rub her clit fast for me. I tell her I want her to cum for me cause I am going to cum all over her, she swears at me grabs at my chest with her other hand. Her orgasm begins and so does mine I pull myself out of her as she continues to rub her clit on the bathroom counter. I shoot my cum all over her as she masturbates in front of me. I have not cum for days and I shoot onto her chest and neck and onto the mirror behind her. I am gasping and swearing as I fall back to the mirror behind me, she rests her body in a heap against the wall beside her. We both breath heavy as we find each other again, hugging in the bathroom holding each other close, I move her hair away and kiss her forehead. I say thank you so much for inviting me to visit you this morning. She thanks me for coming, and we both climb back into bed to enjoy our last few minutes before we have to leave.