She has the ability to change my mood. I was stressed and tired after work and went to meet her and her friends out at a bar for a few drinks, we stayed till last call and got pizza on the way home. All I was thinking about was cuddling up to her in bed and falling asleep. I had no idea she had other plans. When we finally got to her room she looked at me with a grin on her face and told me that she got dressed up tonight special for me. Looking at her I could not guess what she was talking about, she had on her regular outfit, a cute skirt and shirt with tights on. She took her shirt off and slipped her skirt down to the floor then she said “everything I have on you can rip off me” Immediately my mood changed, I thought about her getting dressed picking out her tights, bra and underwear and thinking about what i was going to do to her when we were alone later that night.

I kissed her hard on the mouth and smiled, then the mood changed. I knew that tonight we were not going to be gentle, we were not going to be cute, and we were not going to be cuddly. She stood at attention with her hands at her hips biting at her lip and staring up into my eyes. I could sense her excitement, I held her hips and kissed at her lips, our mouths open and tongues touching each others. I raised my hands up her stomach and bit at her lip to hold her close to me, I grabbed her bra and I ripped it in half, it came apart easier than I was expecting and I slid it off her shoulders and threw it to the ground. I squeezed her breasts together with my hands and kissed and sucked on both of her nipples, she moans and breathes hard into my ear. I kiss her on the lips again and push her onto the bed, I reach between her legs with both of my hands grab two fists full of her tights and pull them apart leaving a hole in her crotch. I push her underwear to the side and feel how wet her pussy is with my hand as I lean over her body and kiss her more. Our styles always match perfectly, our tongues explore each others mouths again and I grab her face with my other hand and tell her to give me her tongue. With her mouth open she slides her tongue out of her mouth and I suck on it and slide one finger inside her wet pussy. Pushing myself back up to my feet and standing over her I grab at her underwear underneath her tights and I rip them at the crotch, they don’t come apart so easy but I’ve made a hole right where it needs to be. She slides off the bed and down to her knees in front of me, she looks incredible topless with holes in her tights staring into my eyes and reaching for my pants. She loosens my belt and pulls my dick out. I’m fully hard and excited as hell, she puts my dick on her tongue and starts jerking me off. Sucking at me and shoving me deep in her mouth, she grabs my hips and pulls me against her throat. I help her and grab her head pushing my dick as deep as it can go into her open mouth. She pushes her self away and I get to see spit come out of mouth and fall onto her tits. Her roommates get home and we can hear them going into the room beside us, since we know things are going to get rough and loud we put on courtesy music to mask our sounds.

I take my pants and boxers off and sit on her bed with my dick in my hand as she bends over in front of me to put music on from her laptop on the ground. I can’t wait any longer and before she gets to press play I grab at her hips and move myself behind her and slide my dick into her pussy. She gasps and the music starts to play, she stays with her hands on the ground and pushes her ass into me so I sit back on the bed. She starts to ride me lifting her ass up on down on my dick slowly driving me wild. I sit back and let her feel like she is in control before I prove to her who is the boss tonight. She sits on me and rotates her hips side to side rubbing my cock inside of her. I take this as my cue to take back control, I put my hands on her ass and push her onto the floor. She falls onto her hands and knees and turns her body to look back at me. I stand up and grab her hair I tell her to get up and I pull her the wall on the opposite side of the room. I hold her hard against the wall and slide my dick back inside of her, shoving my face against hers and fuck her hard without giving her any room to move. She starts to swear and and encourages me to keep going. I pull her ass back so she has her hands on the wall and pushes her body against mine as I thrust my dick in and out of her. I notice the mirror leaning against the wall but I can’t find the right angle to see us. I grab her hair again and slap at the back of her knees so she falls down kneeling and resting on her hands. I grab at the mirror and put it underneath her body so we can see each other from a whole new angle. I kneel behind her and put my dick back inside I lock my elbows into her hips and grab her breasts with each hand and pull her body hard into mine. I see in the mirror that her eyes are locked on me entering her. I’ve never seen are sex from this angle and I take a moment to appreciate it. The color of our skin compliment and contrast each other perfectly. I crave another change and I want to rip more off her, her underwear is still mostly together since I’ve only ripped them apart enough for me to fit inside of her. I stand up grab her by the throat and pull her to her feet, this time I drop to my knees and grab at her underwear with my fists and tear again ripping a new hole, they are still not completely apart but I can see more of her perfect lips now. I grab her ass and pull her pussy to my face and shove my tongue inside of her, then I slide my tongue up to her clit and close my lips around it and suck hard. I stand up and lift her up over my shoulder and carry her to the bed, I throw her down and grab her underwear again and this time tear them completely apart at the crotch. I lift them up and off her body over her waist so I can keep her tights on. I push my weight onto her back so she can’t turn around, then grab both of her wrist and hold them behind her back. I take her underwear and tie her wrists together tight. I rip again at her tights making a larger whole so I can see more of her ass. I slap both of her ass cheeks and put my dick inside her again and immediately start fucking her strong and fast. With one hand on her throat and the other on her hip I have control over her entire body. She is swearing again telling me to fuck her harder, telling me to fuck her as hard as I can. I let go of her throat and slap again. Now I grab onto her tights and pull her into me using them as leverage. I position myself so that my dick hits the front of her pelvis knowing I can make her cum this way. Pulling her into me and pushing me into her she is biting her lip and looking back at me. I reach around to rub her clit as I fuck her and she buries her face into her bed to quiet her moans and screams. Keeping one hand on rubbing her clit I take the other and lightly scratch my nails across her back leaving red marks. She is swearing at me saying fuck then my name, she says fuck me, then my name, she talks to god then my name again. I want to be closer to her and I want her to be able to hold and touch me so I untie her wrists and turn her around. Now I grab at her ass with my right hand and tilt her hips towards me, burying my face into her neck I decide I am not going to stop till we both cum. She is getting close and I can taste her sweat on her neck, she is holding me hard and strong and starts telling me exactly what I want to hear, her body starts to spasm and she bites at my arm as she shakes and squirms beneath me. She tells me she wants my cum, and I tell her I want to see it in her mouth before she swallows. I keep thrusting her hard till I can’t take it anymore, I lift myself up over her body jerk myself off into her mouth as I cum hard and spasm. My body weakens and I fall on top of her looking at her face as she plays with my cum in her mouth, I grab her chin and kiss her lips and tell her that she is perfect. She swallows and I kiss her again, I can taste our sex on her lips and I love it.