He saw the small strip of light from under the closed door at the end of the hallway which told him she was still awake. He reached the landing and quietly walked towards the door to check on his new house mate before going to bed himself. She was the kind of beautiful that was distracting and stopped him from doing the simplest of task without making a fool of himself. The way her hair fell on her collar bones, the way she threw her head back when she laughed to show off her little white teeth and tongue, the curve of her back and how her cute vest tops rode up to reveal the dimples just above her ass. He thought about all this as he hovered his hand above the door knob, not wanting to embarrass himself any further but he turned it before he could change his mind.

Blood immediately swooped to his stomach and then to his crotch at what he saw. She was frozen in shock, duvet draped across her torso but with the curve of her breasts all too obvious underneath it. One hand lay precariously on the pillow by her head and the other was hidden under the folds of her covers. They stared at each other, each a rabbit in the head lights but he couldn’t help but glance down and take in the scene. She bit her lip nervously as she watched his eyes dart down her body and to the concealed hand whose fingers had been teasingly pinching her clit just moments before. She started to move them again circling slowly and cautiously. His cock throbbed and swelled as he watched in disbelief. He was entranced at the slightest of movements underneath the covers but was desperate to see more.

He moved closer to the bed and gently tugged at the bed covers, exposing one sweet pink nipple and then the other. He looked up to her, as if looking for permission to pull the sheets further. She merely closed her eyes and let out a whimper as she felt the cool linen graze against her stomach and towards her bush. The vulnerability she felt only added to the excitement and could feel herself getting even wetter than before. The cool of the room fell on her skin as she was now unveiled. She could see his hard cock pushing against his trousers and slide her feet upwards so her knees spread apart. He could now see her little fingers brushing her hood and the glint of her wetness below, making his mouth water. She slowly slid a finger in and began pushing it in and out, filling his ears with her heavy breathing and the sound of her pussy juices as she touched herself. She alternated between doing this and teasingly pulling out again to wet her clit and rub it softly. He unzipped his trousers as he watched her show, pulling them and his briefs down to flaunt his hard on. Her breathing grew heavier upon seeing it, and her fingers started to move faster. He couldn’t take it anymore. He leaned forward and grabbed the back of her thighs. She gasped as he dragged her across to the edge of the bed. He stood over her, a mixture of anxiety and desire across his face. Had he gone too far? There was a gleam in her eye that said otherwise He knelt down between her legs and secured them down with his hands, his fingers slightly digging into her smooth pale thighs. He looked up at her before gently biting her inner thigh, making her jump every time. He paused over her crotch, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply before breathing out with a smirk, his hot breath tickling her lips. He continued up the other leg before taking one long, slow lick from her soaking pussy to her clit. Pleasure flooded her every fibre. She let her upper body collapse on the bed below her, and let him satisfy his hunger.

a story from one of my favourite ninjas, i should have a new one for all of you soon