We set the scene for each other, on most mornings when we have time we warm each other up and turn each other on so much in the shower that she begs for more attention. I continue to show resistance at first, since we had already fucked a few times and I was out of cum. She lays in bed naked with her hair wet, asking me to just come back to bed for a few minutes. She just wants to hold me close really quickly, and she swears she’ll be good. I know that I can’t trust her for a second and if I joined her in bed she would have my cock hard and down her throat in two minutes flat. I decided to myself that I was going to join her in bed but not to cuddle. I started searching the floor with my eyes trying to find something to tie her up with. I thought I’d test her again, tie her up then leave go get water and return to her. I thought then I would untie her and we would finally go to her house to make guacamole like we told each other we would all week long. The only rope like thing I could find on my floor was my old camera strap. The girl of my dreams got me a vintage camera strap for my birthday so my old one was still left on the ground. I kept looking around but started walking closer to her. I don’t know if she knew what I had in mind but she asked what I was looking for. Then as quick as I could I grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up to her knees. I held her strong in my hands then grabbed the strap and pushed her down to the bed and pulled her arms behind her back. Immediately she starts moaning and rubbing her feet against the bed. I tie her wrist together closer to the elbow joint than the hand. I grab at the blankets on my bed and cover her body I lift and tuck her feet in then get up, grab my water glass, turn off the lights and leave the room shutting the door behind me. My roommate is in the living room playing the blues on his electric guitar. I still thought I’d go tease her a little bit but then let her go so we could leave, also I did not want to have to be quiet since my roommate was just a wall away. I filled up my water in the kitchen then went back into my bedroom. I turned my dimmer switch slowly and brought a bit of light into the room. I sat on the bed beside her and pulled the blankets back, she was still bound at the wrist. She had been waiting for me just like I wanted. I asked her if she wanted some water and she shook her head and said yes please. I helped her lift herself on to her knees and I poured some water into her mouth. The look in her eyes told me that she enjoyed the receiving experience just as I enjoyed providing for her. In that moment I decided I would continue to play with her. I put my water glass down and held her face in my hands I kissed her on the mouth then grabbed one of my t-shirts from my laundry I pulled it over her face so the shirt was upside down, with the neck line still across her throat but the rest if the shirt was up and covering her entire head while she was bent over with her ass in the air. I wanted her to wait longer and for her anticipation to build. I stepped off the bed and went to my computer to put on some music to mask our sounds. I opened up iTunes on my computer and while it loaded I stepped back to her and slapped her ass hard then went back to my computer and put on my Lil Wayne play list since it was the first thing I saw.  I was back to searching my room trying to find something I could tease her with and I noticed her gloves in my bed side table. She had a pair of knitted gloves I took one of them and put it on my right hand, I ran the gloved hand up and down her spine then around her body to squeeze her breast then I slapped her hard in the ass with my left hand. To really let her feel the different texture I slapped her with my right hand next then put my hand around her throat and lightly scratched down her back with my nails. I looked down again at the floor and noticed her scarf; I took her glove off and reached down to grab it. I dragged the scarf down her back and let it lightly tickle her ass then I pulled it away and whipped her ass with it a couple times. Every hit she would flinch and moan for me. But keep her ass in the air and her head resting on the bed. I decided I wanted to restrict her movement more. I wanted her to struggle. So I took the scarf and I tied it around her shin and calf so that her leg was tied together in a squatting position. I slapped the bottom of her feet and her ass then again stepped away. I could hear her breathing hard. I put both of my hands on her ass and spread her cheeks apart. Her pussy is perfect, the inner lips are neatly tucked inside and her outer lips are just far enough apart for me to see exactly what I want. I put my tongue on the base of her spine and I drag it down till I reach her ass hole I stop there and do a circle with my tongue I push hard against her ass. Then slide my tongue further down till I get to the opening of her pussy, with my hands I stretch her open even more then shove my tongue inside of her. The idea of me tongue fucking her turns me on so much, and actually getting to do it drives me crazy. She is squirming and shaking her arms as I suck on her pussy and clit. I ask her to promise to be good if I untie her, and she says yes. I take the camera strap off her wrists and hold it in my hand. I tell her to put her hands on her ass cheeks and for her to spread them apart for me. She listens and keeps her head down on the bed, opening herself wide for me. I step back for a second to admire the view then dive my face in to her again. Then I tell her to let go, I tell her to brace herself and grab onto the bed. She does as I say and I tell her ‘good girl’ then I whip her ass with the camera strap, she flinches and moans. Her ass is already red from the slapping and whipping I had done earlier, but her skin continued to color as I hit her. I start to notice little red marks appearing on her ass and I realize it’s from a plastic piece on the strap. I don’t want to hurt her that bad so I decide to stop using that as my pleasure weapon but since she is blindfolded she can’t see me not winding up to hit her again. She reaches her hands back to try to grab the strap before I hit her, but being the good Dom that I am instead of letting her feel like she has a bit of control I quickly grab her wrists again and bind them together. I say ‘your ass is so fucking red it’s beautiful.’ And I kiss at the little bruises left from the plastic. Then I grab at my t-shirt over her face and pull her up so she is kneeling vertical. In yoga they call this ‘hero pose’ I’m standing on the floor behind her and I hold her hair and the shirt in one hand then with the other I slap her covered face. Then I pinch her nipple then I rub her clit. I love to overwhelm her; I take my hand from her pussy and put both of them around her neck. I squeeze and feel the muscles in her throat. She gasps for breath and I let her go and push her back down to her elbows. I slap her ass again then pinch her nipple then rub her clit. I continue to touch, please and tease her till I decide what I really want. I stop touching her for a few seconds and just listen to her breathing. She is taking big and deep breaths. I decide I want to calm her down. I take the shirt off her head and look in her eyes, I say breath slow babe. Inhale deep, hold it, now exhale and like the good sub she is she listens and follows my instructions. She tells me that I am amazing and I tell her to shut her fucking mouth. I grab her face look right into her eyes and say don’t you dare move one inch. I get off the bed and try to find one more thing to tie her with. Luckily I find another scarf on my ground. I ask her if she wants me to whip her again. She looks at me and bites her lip, she nods her head and says ‘please’ I tell her no, and that I will not do what she wants. Instead I kneel beside her pushing her face into the bed then I tie her other leg in the same squatting position. Now she is trapped with her legs bent. And now I know exactly what I want, I slap at her feet then at her thighs and say, ‘spread your legs apart right now’ she steps one knee over an inch then the other, I slap her ass and say ‘more’ and she steps them another few inches apart. Then I lay on my back and slide my face underneath her pussy, and say ‘now sit on me hard’ she talks to god and puts her weight on me, her pussy is soaking wet and I get a mouth full of her juice as soon as I put my lips on hers. She’s moaning and getting more comfortable squishing me. She is grinding her hips and rubbing her pussy all over my face and I love every second of it. I’m gasping for breath and when I get one second away from her I say ‘harder’ I say ‘yes, please’ I say ‘thank you’ she is sitting up looking down at me with my hair in her fists. Her face is red and she sits one more time hard on my face and I slip my tongue inside of her and she moves her hips so my tongue slides in and out of her. She shakes then falls to the bed and rolls to her side. She’s swearing and taking the lords name in vain, and I crawl beside her and untie her. I hold her close and kiss her forehead. I tell her she is incredible and say thank you so much. She kisses me back and says I was the one who was in charge and I deserve credit for how amazing that was. But I tell her I had never done anything like that before. I explain, she inspires another sexual side of me. She makes me feel comfortable really embracing the dominating part of my sexuality and she is a perfect submissive.