We came in from the cold outside and tried to warm up quickly under the blankets. Once her hands were warm enough she said she wanted to suck my dick to help heat up the rest of me, she gives me the kind of head I dream about. After a few minutes I needed more of her, and I wanted to hold her close. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up to my face to kiss her, I reached between her thighs and ripped at the crotch of her tights then I told her to grab a condom from my dresser, I knew how excited she was to fuck me and she was practically trembling while rolling it down my cock. Her pussy was wet and dripping when she mounted me. I held her in my arms as close as I could and fucked her, she was fully dressed except for the rip in her tights under her skirt. I was wearing my shirt and sweater and had my pants undone with my cock pulled up and over my boxers. I reached and ripped at her tights more so i could go deeper inside her.

This is the hole I left.