I always want to take care but with her, I have an overwhelming desire and passion for it. I want to cook her delicious meals, I want to read to her when she is tired and I want to help her with anything she needs. She was feeling strong one morning moving stuff around her new studio and ended up tripping and falling onto a pile of bricks and scraping her chin, the next day she came to visit me in the park. We lay together on the grass talking and staring into each other’s eyes, she said she wanted to spend time with me but she wanted to be good. 85% of our relationship has been sexual, most of the time we have spent together we are naked and in my bed. As much as I love every second of that I want to have more real world time with her, and when we are together I don’t want it to just be sex, we both expressed the same desire so I thought that this time we would keep our hands off each other and just share some time in the afternoon. Her chin was still raw and scrapped, I felt bad for not being there to help her. I spent the night before with her in her studio and tried to move the bricks with her but one of the doors was locked so we were unable to get them where they belonged, she went back the next morning and that is when the accident happened. I told her that she should come back to my house and I would help clean up her scrape and put some polysporin on it so it could heal faster. We left the park and walked together as close as we could. I always have a hard time keeping my hands off of her and when we walk I love placing my hand on the base of her spine just over her bum. She tells me that she loves it too which gives me even more reason to please us both.  When we get to my house I take her hand and lead her to the bathroom, I grab my first aid kit and apologize for not being there to help her. I say I know if I was there I could have grabbed you when you tripped before you hit the bricks, I said next time just ask for help and I will come every time. After apologizing I tell her that I am glad that I am able to help her heal. I put a bit of polysporin on my finger and smooth it over the scrape on her chin, I wash the rest off my hand then grab on to her head kiss her on the nose and say that will help for sure. She throws her arms up around my shoulders and pushes her lips against mine, kissing me hard then moving away looking into my eyes and coming back close to kiss me soft. I put my hands on her hips and hold her in place as we start making out in my bathroom; our lips and tongues play together while my hands explore her body. I love the way her hip bones fit in my hands I can put my thumbs on them and the rest of my fingers reach around her hips like they were made to be there. Fitting together like a handle I feel like I have total control over her body when I grab her. I pull her in close and wrap my arms around her and squeeze her tight against me, she starts lightly moaning and biting at my lip. I reach down to grab and squeeze at her ass cheeks. Next I have one hand on her hip and with the other one I untuck her shirt and lightly rub my thumb around and inside her bellybutton she responds by grabbing at my throbbing cock in my pants, she rubs her palm on me and between my legs lifting my balls up. We keep kissing and taking little breaks to back away and look into each others eyes, I drop my hand down between her legs and slowly trace my fingers up her thigh lifting her skirt up and put my finger on her pussy which is covered by her tights and panties. She feels like a sponge and when I press into her my fingers feel soaked and wet. Feeling her turns me on so much, sometimes too much. I look down at my hand and my fingers are shining from her juice. I gasp walk backwards away from her and lean against the door, my head is shaking and my knees get weak. I put my fingers in my mouth to taste her and say, “you’re so fucking wet” she says “I can’t help it” and “you turn me on so much” I tell her that I love it and it makes me so happy to get to actually feel her excitement. I can’t stop myself once I feel her wetness, I can just make out with her for hours and be satisfied with it, as long as I keep my hand dry. Once I feel how wet she is I need to taste her and I need to have her. She comes in and kisses me again and tells me to take her to my bedroom.  I don’t bother to hesitate and wrap my hands around her hip handles and lift her body up and into me, she wraps her legs around me and I walk with her in my arms into the bedroom. I let her down and push the door closed behind us and when I turn around to look at her she has dropped down to her knees, staring up at me biting her lip. I raise my hand to cover my mouth, shake my head and take 2 steps towards her; she grabs at my belt loops and pulls me forward. Unhooking my belt, unzipping my fly, sliding my hard cock up and out of my boxers so the elastic is underneath my balls pushing my package together and presenting it to her. She puts my cock in her mouth and I feel like melting to the ground, her warm and wet mouth feels like a bath just for my dick. She is lightly squeezing my balls with one hand and jerking me off with the other, her lips follow her hand as her neck goes back and fourth taking me deep and taking me out. As much as I would like to stand there and have her suck the cum from my dick, I want more. I want her. I take my dick away from her and grab her by the hair, and say “get up and go to my bed right now” she obeys and crawls over to and up on my bed, staying on her hands and knees she leaves her ass in the air for me. I grab her tights and pull them and her panties down around her thighs; I stand behind her and admire her beautiful pussy. I bury my face between her legs and tongue at her clit and her opening she is already wet enough for me but I want to have her taste in my mouth while we fuck. I slowly slide my dick inside of her and pull her in to me so I am completely inside of her, balls deep. She is grabbing at my bed sheets and moaning as I slowly start pushing and pulling her body into and away from me, controlling her movement and keeping my hips still. Anyone who looks into my room will usually notices one thing first; I have a huge mirror beside my bed and another few mirrors on the wall at the base of my bed. I have them their for moments like this. I look forward to see her staring at me in the mirror and she starts taking control and thrusting her hips into me, I bite my lip shake my head and let her fuck me. I try to relax and just watch as the girl of my dreams who is still nearly fully dressed except for her tights being pulled down dances her hips around and back into me. I turn my head to look into the other mirror and I see perfectly the length of my dick from the side as it slides in and out of her. She is up on her hands and knees and we are now working together, we both move and thrust into each other sharing control of our sex. I take my hands off her hips and reach around to grab her breasts, I pull one out from her shirt I squeeze her nipple, then I put my fingers in her mouth so they get wet from her spit and then squeeze her nipple again. I lean my self-forward over her, so I can whisper in her ear. I tell her how good she feels, how sexy she is and I ask her if she is ready, she moans back at me and say yes. I say “I am going to fuck you, and I am going to fuck you hard” she moans again and says please. I lift my shirt up and over my head and throw it to the ground, now i’m naked except my socks and she is still fully dressed with her tights pulled down. I put my hand between her shoulders and push her chest down into the bed, a Lil Wayne line comes to my head, and I think to myself, “I like my girls face south and ass north” I see her fists clenching at my bed, she is moaning, saying my name and swearing. She turns her head and bites at her arm. I slap her ass, and then stop my thrusting. She rolls herself onto her back and wraps one arm around both of her legs pulling them into her, showing herself off for me. She nods at me telling me to come closer, telling me to keep going. I kneel on the bed and put my cock back inside of her. I lean into be close to her, I don’t want to be rough anymore, I want to be deep, I want to be close and I want her to cum. Holding her tight with both my arms around her I drive myself as deep into her as I can and start moving my hips just slightly, just driving my dick 2 or 3 inches out of her then all the way back in, I lean my hips back so that my thrusts push my dick up to the front wall of her insides. I keep a steady pace and place my hand on her pelvis and put my thumb on her clit I start rubbing back and fourth as I fuck her and she grabs my ass with one hand while still pulling her legs in with the other. She starts saying my name again, this time saying “oh” before it, in real life she never swears so hearing her say fuck turns me on so much. She tells me she is going to cum and I do my best to distract myself so I don’t cum too, she starts shaking, moaning and cumming.  Then she pushes my hips away gets up onto her knees and shoves my dick into her mouth, just the idea of her tasting her self on my dick makes me even closer to orgasm. She is using her whole body rocking her self back and fourth taking me deep, I look into the mirror to see her pussy and then can’t hold back anymore. I punch at the bed, slap at her ass and growl I should out “fuck” and feel the cum shoot from my balls out my dick and into her mouth, I look to the side mirror to see cum spill out of her mouth and drop down her chin onto the bed. I shoot again and my body begins to shake, my heart is fluttering and I walk away from her feeling light headed and dizzy. She watches with a smile as I try to regain my composure, I walk back to her grab her head and kiss her hard on the mouth tasting my cum and her juice all in one. I say “I had no idea that was going to happen, you’re so bad.” She says “I did not know that was going to happen either, but you helping me turned me on so much I had to have you” I fall onto the bed and grab her in my arms, we breathe together staring at my ceiling and she says “I love your mirrors, we look so good together.” I tell her I know dear. I know we do.”