125000 NINJAS

Holy camolie, we reached the next milestone. I used to post messages like this every 1000 followers, but since the blog has grown so much so quickly now I do them a lot less often. But it is still important for me to take the time to thank all of our new followers and all the old followers who have been with us since the beginning or any length of time at all.

To help celebrate reaching 125000 we’re having a sale on our videos and our app 

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Save 15% off our videos at NinjaApproved.clipvia.com with the coupon code “onetwentyfive

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Thanks again to everyone who followers NymphoNinjas.net, I can’t say enough how incredible this experience has been and how much this little (kinda huge) community warms my heart. 






The Tunnel of Love ride in August,1943


The Tunnel of Love ride in August,1943


Would you guys ever think about doing a Ninja Approved music playlist? :)

Making mixtapes for the blog is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but always seems to slip my mind. I made one last Valentines Day that you can hear here, but would love to make a new one soon. You’ll at least get one every Valentines Day, I can promise that much. 


Trouble! That amazing bodysuit you were wearing in your photo set the other day - where is it from?!

If you’re referring to this bodysuit I got it at a local sex shop by Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto that unfortunately doesn’t seem to have a website/online shop but the bodysuit company does here so maybe you can find it in there. The one in my most recent submission I’ve had for ages but the thigh highs and garter belt is from American Apparel.