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will you PLEASE repost the photo set of you choking trouble with her ponytail while she's giving you a blowjob?

You mean this one?


I've been with my girlfriend for a few years now and she once tried "milking the prostate", which was amazing. She hasn't done it since because she thinks that guys liking a finger in their bottom is just weird and not right. A little help?

Tell your girlfriend that ninja says a guy liking a finger in their bottom is not weird at all, it’s the future. I think the more guys accept the pleasure possibilities of receiving the better the world will be.


Hello. Love your blog. See, I'm very self conscious about my breast size (34a). I've always wished they were bigger since I was a kid but they just haven't grown! They haven't gotten any bigger since I was 12 (9 years) and I've even considered breast implants but everyone tells me not to do it. What do you think of natural small breasts vs large fake breasts?

You’ve either come to the right or wrong place depending on the answer you want to hear, but I am a bit bias. I’m a huge fan of small breasts, and think they are very sexy. In the end it’s about how you feel but I hope you find confidence in your body the way it is and don’t feel a need to modify it through surgery.


Just wanted to say thank you. This blog is a sign to me. It helps me see that i'm not alone. I used to hate my brain due to my very conservative upbringing, but seeing this blog promote and celebrate the freedom of nudity, by showing the masses of people that love the human body is so up-lifting. Thank you

You’re welcome, and so much thanks is due to all the ninjas who take part in SS and help us show and share how diverse normal really is.


For the first time last night I was able to cum with my boyfriend while we were not using a vibrator. I have to say, it was 5x better than normal. I'm glad that I have a patient boyfriend who cares about my needs sexually and I am also glad that y'all exist as well. You both have definitely brought much needed sexual positivity into my life. <3

That is awesome, patience is a very valuable skill that a lot of us need to work on. Thanks for sharing we’re very happy to help provide that positivity.


Me and my bf do a lot of bondage and I feel safe when I'm with him so don't get me wrong but whenever he starts tying me up I can't shake the feeling that the fire alarm might go off in the building or something might happen where we need to move fast or I will die. This feeling usually passes as he does more things to me, I do have an anxiety issue and I was wondering if you have any advice?

When I feel anxiety I find thinking about the reality and possibility of the situation that’s causing me stress. The likelihood of the fire alarm going off while you’re tied up is very small, but to ease your mind perhaps you can have a pair of scissors close by so worse case scenario your bf can cut the ropes, free you then throw you over his shoulder and run to safety.


My girlfriend of 3 years just cheated on me. I don't know what to do since I still love her so much but there is no excuse for cheating. She tells me she loves me and is incredibly sorry for hurting me. But it pains me to stay with her but I can't see myself with anyone else. I'm so lost as to what to do

If you’re hurt I suggest you take time away from her, I know how much it hurts to be cheated on but you’ll get over it. Though you need time to forgive, and get your emotions in order. I’d also suggest you two having a conversation of what “I love you” means it sounds like you’ve got two very different definitions.


You should make a page where nn's can chat with each other and see if there are anyone around them so they can meat in real life. This was very badly explained I'm sorry haha, but I hope you know what I mean?

Yea, it’s called Tumblr silly.


Hey so Id really appreciate a little advice, me and my boyfriend are both really into submission, dyou think we should take turns or just leave it out? I'm really not sure how to go about this :s thanks! Xo

I think switch is the best way to be, the more power dynamics change within a relationship the better. I’m all for equality and the sharing of responsibilities, and benefits from both sides of submission.


What do you think about girls who send nudes to people who don't deserve them?

Some people are too generous.