Hey guys. I just went through like five + pages of asks about advice and wat not. I couldn't find anythng about ejaculating too quickly or anything about the length of sex. I have trouble lasting for a while. It's like I have no control over it. Help

Patience and speed are two very helpful things when it comes to controlling your orgasm, condoms can help also. You have to pay attention to your body when you’re having sex or masturbating and start to learn what sensations you feel before you cum so that you can know when you need to stop, or pull out and let the feeling pass so you can keep going. Also try changing from having sex to going down on your partner, or pleasing them with your fingers. Sex does not have to be penetration the whole time so change things up and it will definitely help you last longer. 


I had an idea for a theme & thought I'd share it- was thinking songs or some variation of songs such as lyrics. :)

We’ve done that one before and we probably will again, check out the poem, poetry or lyrics tags to see old submissions featuring creative writing. 


I just want to say thank you to you guys, I'm starting to do things naked a lot more to appreciate the body I have and while I used to not even sleep naked I feel comfortable walking around, sleeping, and eating naked as much as I possibly can. This blog has helped me quite a bit in the progress of loosing weight along with loving myself and I feel so much more comfortable just taking my shirt off at the pool/in public and it's a huge change. Love both of you and your blog so much <3

That is awesome, we are very happy to provide some help and encouragement while people find comfort and confidence in themselves. Thanks for the kind words. 


Theme for this upcoming Sunday? I haven't submitted in almost two years. Long overdo. <3

No theme this Sunday, so feel free to find your inspiration anywhere and that’s very exciting. Looking forward to seeing you come back to SS. 


Hi ninja!! Major music festival in Atlanta this weekend- any other ninjas going??

Wave your NNBB in the air like you just don’t care. 


Hey guys! I love your blog, but was a little offended by your "can we do it normal?" reblog. I'm all for BDSM and sexual exploration between consenting adults, but adults who both consent to the kinks. As a rape victim, I just found this post mildly triggering and thought I would speak up. Other than that, keep rockin it. Love y'all.

I think we interpreted the image completely differently, I took the “can’t we do it normal?" photo as a couple openly communicating their feelings. In the image you can see the hand is just being tied to the bed post, which shows to me that the speaker in the image feels comfortable expressing how they feel and that they are not in the mood to be kinky at that time. It is showing a conversation about consent and desire, we can only assume what happened next unless we’ve seen the film the frame is taken from. Perhaps someone can let us know what the actual context of the line is. But it’s important for couples to remember that not all sex needs to be kinky or vanilla and that variation keeps things interesting, and that it’s never too late to speak up and say how you feel and what you’re thinking. 

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