Does size matter?

The size of the fight in the dog. 


Dear Ninjas :) Do you ship those awesome shirts to Brazil? Also, I was checking the tank tops, and there's no opition to small, white? :( Is it sold out?

Yes, we do ship to brazil quite often. But no we are all sold out of white tank tops. Sorry dear. 


Our blog just recently hit the 1,000 follower mark, which we think is kind of fun. Just wanted to say thank you, because you may not know it but when we started a few months back you were our very first follower and we are huge fans. We knew it was a great omen for our little photo blog and we are always thrilled whenever you reblog something from us. So a big thank you for the support, you guys rock! xxx - Tiger and Pilgrim

I’m definitely glad I follow you two, I just took a look through your archive and found so many beautiful photos. I’m sure more and more people will start finding your blog and you’ll enjoy a much larger audience soon. Thanks for the message, I’m excited to see what photos you’ll share on your blog and hopefully on a Submission Sunday. 


Owen is very well endowned D:

Big time.


2 questions: 1) how do I get an awesome NN shirt? 2) can I have a link to the blog belonging to the gentlemen with the wickedly awesome leg tattoo? (Letters scattered all over his leg)

1) The Ninja Approved Shop

2) The Accretion