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I was walking around town the other day and saw the most handsome man wearing the NN t shirt, I was wearing my NN bracelet. I went straight up to him and shook his hand so he would notice my bracelet, and asked him to a cup of coffee. We went on a date in that moment and have been dating ever since.

Adorable. Thanks for sharing your ninjas meeting ninjas story.


Hoowwww do I get one of your tshirts I love them!!!

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My boyfriend is a very patient and generous lover. He doesn't believe in using toys on me and I'm okay with that. However, he is extremely intent on getting me off when we have sex and for some reason, I am never able to. Needless to say, it upsets him and it doesn't exactly please me either. Any idea why this is and what I can do to change it?

If you can orgasm alone I suggest you two masturbating together instead of having sex, he needs to learn about two important things one of them is patience and the other is your body. He needs to learn that your body is not a machine that can cum at the push of a button, it’s much more intricate than that plus pressure,thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on your ability to orgasm so the more he makes a deal about it the less likely you’ll be able to relax enough to actually peak. Tell him you want him to see you orgasm, but you have to do it alone. Let him sit back and watch how you do it and if you want you can invite him to suck your breasts or kiss your neck to help. But maybe you should save that for the second time.


Hi ninja and trouble, I thought I'd never had to ask a question about relationships, but here I am... Me and my boyfriend are together for 3 and half years, we're young, I am 19 and he is 18. Both of us are really young, we've lost our virginity together, and I thought that sex was amazing and everything, but not anymore... I've never had an orgasm, and we aways end the sex with him cumming and me unsatisfied. I'm so tired of this, I'm considering look for another better lover, but I love him, b

Well like relationships love also comes and goes, but if you’ve got something good going on besides an inexperienced partner it’s possible for things to improve. It’s sad but true, a lot of guys have no fucking clue how to actually please a women so they need to be taught. If you take the time to explain what you enjoy, and what he needs to do to help you orgasm hopefully he’ll take notes and improve. If he continues to just have sex for himself, then I definitely suggest finding a more considerate partner.


How would I tell my partner that I want to experiment in bed more. I'm not unhappy but really curious about other things and he really isn't into it. Any advice would help, thanks♡

Be direct about your feelings, saying something open ended like “experiment in bed more” could mean anything. Instead pick one thing you want to try the most and say I want to try “blank” with you. It could be bondage, spanking, sex in different places or positions. But since you’re the one who wants to try different things, you should pick the ones you want to experience and let him know about it.


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I recently had sex for the first time! I've been waiting a long time (I'm almost 21) and it was pretty okay. I plan on teaching him how to make me cum. I also gave him a blow job...I hope he liked it, because I was new at that as well. I just thought I'd share this cool news! :)

Yes, that’s a great idea. Explaining to your partner what gets you off and what you enjoy is incredibly important. Thanks for sharing.


my lover is average size when erect, but is very small when flacid. He pleases me to no end, so I love it and all of his parts... I wish there was a way I could communicate that I think his flacid penis is adorable without it hurting his feelings. I wish society didn't ingrain this obsession with size in us.

I agree with you, but I’d suggest avoiding the word “adorable” when it comes to his penis. That word has too many connection to kid and child stuff, and it might make him feel more self conscious. Instead tell him that his penis is perfect. If he knows and believes he is all you need and want, he’ll learn to appreciate and accept what he has and not worry about it.


How do you feel about girls with a little extra weight submitting?

We both feel great about everyone and anyone over 18 submitting, we just ask for effort to be put into the photo and to take the best picture you can. Nothing else matters.


I've been with my boyfriend for a few months now, and he's still a Virgin, however I'm not (both 20). I've told him I don't mind waiting until he's completely ready, and I am fine with waiting. However recently, he's said he feels ready and wants to have sex. Only I've never been with a guy who's a virgin, so I don't know what's best to do to keep him at ease and comfortable to make it as enjoyable as possible for him, I don't care about my pleasure for this. Any position/foreplay etc tips?

I think missionary would be best for him, this gives him the control over the depth and speed of which he enters you. I’m sure his main concern will be cumming too fast, so the more control he has the better he will feel. But also encourage him and if he does cum fast, let him know how much you enjoyed seeing him orgasm. It might even be a good idea to make him cum from oral or something first so that he might be able to last a bit longer before he ejaculates a second time. Assuming you’re not on birth control and even though he has never had sex before, you should make sure he wears a condom for many reasons one of them being his orgasm could be unpredictable so it’s best to be safe. Good luck and no matter what happens remember it’s just going to get better for both of you.


Loving the "public sex" photos

Yea, I think they are striking a chord with a lot of people. Hopefully we’ll see ninjas adventuring outdoors to create some public sexy photos for Submission Sunday this week.